KNOWN ISSUE: Darwin ADLagent installation fails to prompt for Deployment Server IP address

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The Darwin ADLagent installer does not prompt the user for the IP address of the Deployment Server during installation.


Mac OS X v10.5.4 - v10.5.8

(This issue has been fixed in Mac OS X v10.6)


A change was made in OS X build 10.5.4 that prevents the ADLagent installer from prompting the user for the IP address of the Deployment Server.


As a workaround, the IP address of the DS server can be manually added to the 'TcpAddr' section of the adlagent.conf file, which is located in the /opt/altiris/deployment/adlagent/conf/ folder.  Use the vi editor to make the change:
  1. Open (located in the /Applications/Utilities folder)

  2. Type:  sudo vi /opt/altiris/deployment/adlagent/conf/adlagent.conf

  3. Enter the password for an admin user

  4. Scroll down in the vi editor to the TcpAddr section of the adlagent.conf file
  5. Press the 'i' key to change the editor to Insert mode

  6. Enter the correct IP address of the Deployment Server
  7. Press the 'Esc' key to exit Insert mode
  8. Type:  :wq (to save changes and exit the vi editor)
  9. Type: sudo systemstarter restart adlagent (to restart the agent and implement the new settings)
  10. Type:  exit (to end the Terminal session)
  11. Press 'Apple-Q' to close the Terminal application

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