HTTP error 404 when trying to view SEPIC Configuration page

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When trying to view the SEPIC configuration page you receive a 404 error in the Description section of the page that is displayed.  The top of the page will display Server Error in '/Altiris' Application.  The Requested URL is /Altiris/LimitedExport/BasicImportConfigure.aspx.


Symantec Endpoint Integration Component 6.x


This issue can have 2 different causes.  The LimitedExport Virtual Directory can be missing from IIS or the component that creates that Virtual Directory could be damaged or not installed.


To determine if the issue is simply one of the LimitedExport Virtual Directory missing or if the component that creates the Virtual directory is damaged or not installed:

1. Open Windows Explorer on the Notification Server and go to Program Files\Altiris.  There should be a folder called Limited Export here.  If the folder is missing then the component that creates the LimitedExport Virtual Directory is either damaged or not installed.  If the folder does exist then the Virtual Directory can be recreated using the instructions below.

 Open IIS Manager, expand Default Web Site, right click on Altiris and select New > Virtual Directory.


Enter LimitedExport for the Alias


Browse to Program Files\Altiris\ and select the Limited Export folder. Click OK.


On the Virtual Directory Access Permissions screen, select Read and Run Scripts.

Once the Virtual Directory has been created restart IIS for the changes to take effect.

2.  If the Limited Export folder is missing from the file system then the component that creates this folder will either need to be repaired or installed.

To repair the component go to Add or Remove Programs and find 'Altiris Connector Solution Data Integration Component Extensions'.  If this component exists select it and choose Change and then Repair and click Next.

If 'Altiris Connector Solution Data Integration Component Extensions' does not exist in Add or Remove Programs then it is not installed.  To install the component go to the Solution Center in the Altiris Console.  Select AZ Solutions and scroll down to find Symantec Endpoint Protection Integration Component.  Click Symantec Endpoint Protection Integration Component and then Start to begin the install of any missing components.  Please note that this will automatically restart the Altiris Services.  The Altiris Console will not be accessible during this time.

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