KNOWN ISSUE: Adding domain or some local groups to Software portal access shows a blank entry in the Console

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Domain Groups have been successfully tested in CMS SP1

When adding Domain Groups or Local Groups to the Software Portal, the entry shows up blank. 

  1. On an existing Software Resource, Use the Edit function.
  2. Click on the Software Publishing Tab.
  3. Check the box 'Publish to Software Portal'.
  4. Click the Add User button under the Software Resource Availability section.
  5. Select the User Domain as your domain, or change it to the local system to test with a local group.
  6. Under the 'Search for user:' field, type in Administrators and click the Search button.  If using a domain, try Domain Administrators.
  7. Under the Select users, once the box populates select the Administrators group and click OK.
  8. Under the Name heading in the user box the entry will be blank.

I noticed that if you set the option and save, the users in that group do see the Software Resource in the Software Portal, so it appears to be correctly applying.  I also noticed if I then go to add another group that has the same problem it will overwrite the other blank entry.

See this screenshot for an example of the behavior:


Notification Server 7.0
Software Management Solution 7.0


Unknown at this time.


This issue is fixed in the release Software Management Solution 7.0 SP1 Maintenance Release 1, now available via SIM.


If you cannot upgrade immediately, the following work around can be used:

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, browse under Settings > All Settings > browse down through Settings > Notification Server > Security Roles.
  2. Right-click on Security Roles and choose New > Secuirty Role.
  3. Name the role so it is identifyable for its purpose (example: Domain Admins).
  4. Browse to the new entry and select it from the left-hand tree.
  5. In the resulting right-pane window, Click on the Membership tab.
  6. Use the Add new members button (blue +) to add the group you wish to provide Software Portal access to.
  7. Click Save Changes when complete.
  8. Now go back to the Software Resource you wished to provide this access to and instead of the actual group use the new role you created.
  9. That should do it!


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