Error when trying a Quick Run of a Quick Delivery or Package Delivery Task: No licensed computers or targets with licensed computers were assigned

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When you attempt to do a quick run on a specific computer or a target, you'll receive the pop up: No licensed computers or targets with licensed computers were assigned.  You'll also see this error in the logs:

Process: w3wp (ID)
Thread ID: X
Module: w3wp.exe
Source: ManagedDeliveryPolicy::OnBuildClientConfigXml
Description: Failed to execute Task on Resource - <Guid of Resource>.  Reason: The specified resource failed to obtain a Software Management License.  Either Software Management Solution Agent is not installed on it or if installed, the inventory is yet to be updated on the server, Product <Guid of the Software Management Solution>)


Notification Server 7.0
Software Management Solution 7.0x


Either a license is not available for the target system or the Software Management Solution Plug-in has not been installed.  If the license has been installed, it is likely the Plug-in is not installed or was not installed correctly.


For the License Issue:

Launch the Symantec Installation Manager (SIM) and click on the link Add/Update licenses to check the current status.  If it looks OK, move on to the secondary resolution below.

For the Plug-in Issue:

Ensure that the target systems have the Software Management Solution Plug-in installed.  This is seen by double-clicking on the Altiris Agent icon and clicking the Settings button.  Don't mistake the Software Management Framework Agent as the Software Management Solution Agent.  Both must be installed!

The policy to install the Solution agent is found under Settings > All Settings > Agent/Plug-ins > Software > Software Management > Windows.  Enable the Install and Upgrade policies.

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