Unable to Import or Export Helpdesk Categories

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When trying to import or export Helpdesk categories, the following error is returned:

These columns don't currently have unique values


Helpdesk 6.x


This can happen when there are duplicate entries for any given category.


To resolve this issue, determine the category name and ordinal of the duplicate entry then delete the duplicate(s) from the workitem_category_tree table.

NOTE: Before performing the steps below, create a backup of the workitem_category_tree table.

To determine the category name of the duplicate entry:

select value, count(*)
from workitem_category_tree
order by 2 desc

The result set is sorted by the count of values with the highest count at the top. The corresponding category name is the duplicate.

Next, determine the ordinal:

select value, ordinal 
from workitem_category_tree 
where value = '<insert name of category here>' 

Finally, delete the duplicate entry. This example uses the category name of 'SERVERS\RACK MOUNT' and the ordinal of '5678':

delete from workitem_category_tree
where value='SERVERS\RACK MOUNT'
and ordinal='5678'

The ordinal value only determines the display order on the page which means any of the duplicates can be removed.

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