Not able to configure Edit Incident Automated Action in Notification Policy due to IIS restrictions

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When attempting to configure an Edit Incident Automated Action in a Notification Policy you are unable to do so as the various dropdowns are not populated.

You will see error messages in the logs similar to the one below:

 Priority: 1
Date: 4/16/2009 2:08:29 PM
Tick Count: 69925750
Host Name: TestHD
Process: aexsvc.exe (1440)
Thread ID: 2160
Module: AltirisNativeHelper.dll
Source: LaunchMsgHandler.ProcessMessage
Description: The message handler "Altiris.AlertManager.EditIncidentMsgSubscriber" was unable to process a message. Reason: System.Net.WebException: The request failed with HTTP status 403: Forbidden.
   at Altiris.Helpdesk.WebServices.Proxy.HelpdeskSolutionCredential.setUrl(String Value)
   at Altiris.Helpdesk.WebServices.Proxy.HelpdeskSolutionCredential.get_WebService()
   at Altiris.Helpdesk.WebServices.Proxy.HelpdeskSolutionCredential.Authenticate()
   at Altiris.AlertManager.EditIncidentMsgSubscriber.OnNPMessage(NotificationPolicy np, NPMessage msg)


Helpdesk 6.x


If localhost address ( is not allowed to access the WebService.asmx this issue will occur.


To resolve this issue go into IIS.

Expand Default Web Site and select AexHD.

In the right hand pane scroll down and right click on WebService.asmx and choose Properties.

Go to the Directory Security tab and in the IP address and domain name restrictions section click Edit.

Verify the Granted access item is selected or, if Denied access is selected, verify or add is added to the exception list.

Please Note: If you are restricting access based on IP address or Domain name in IIS and or localhost is not explicitly added to the exception list at the Default Web Site level there may be other repercussions to functionality of other solutions outside the scope of this document.  It is recommended that if you are restricting access based on IP address or Domain name in IIS that be added to the exclusion list at the Default Web Site level to avoid any other possible issues.

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