KNOWN ISSUE: Cloned Managed Software Delivery jobs can't be deleted due to dependencies

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When a Managed Software Delivery job is cloned in the console, and then either the original or the cloned copy is Deleted, a "Delete Item" box pops up with the message, "The item 'Unknown' is being referenced by one or more other items. You must first delete these items or remove the dependencies before the selected item can be deleted. Re-try Delete?"

The dependancy report that can be viewed shows both the original and the cloned job, but the fields showing the actual dependant item are blank, and trying to delete either item from the report results in the same Delete Item problem as before.


Symantec Management Platform 7.0
Altiris Software Management Platform 7.0.1291


Unknown at this time - appears to be a bug in the current release.


This issue was fixed in the Software Management Framework 7.0 SP2 release. This release is available through SIM. Upgrade to resolve the issue.

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