KNOWN ISSUE: RS 6.2.2801 - Revision corruption causes SSM to hang

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Technical Solution


1. Revision corruption suspends Server Space Management job which runs in a loop against one single file.

Inability to remove corrupted revision causes additional problems:

  • SSM is unable to continue reclaiming space.
  • Snapshots run slower if RS makes complete file backup every 35 revisions. And if revisions aren't removed by SSM number of revisions keep growing.

2. Heap corruption in DSRawData causes internal errors during SSM.

"Recovery Solution Server space management's Remove Physical threw an internal error. Please contact technical support.

Exception 0xC0000005 @ 0x7C8301D0
eax:FFFFFFF8  ebx:000001B9  ecx:00000000  edx:03B70EAC  esi:020E0178  edi:05F7E238  ebp:1505EE1C  esp:1505EC00  eflags:00010206

Local Event Code: 0xc016002c
System Event Code: 0x000000e3
SbsName:  , SbsKey: 0, 0


Install 'Altiris_RecoveryServer_6_2_SP3_KB47276.exe' on the Recovery Solution Server.

Hot fix requirements:

Known Issues:

  • Hotfix KB Article 47276 is not removed automatically if HF KB Article 45826 is uninstalled.
    • Hotfix KB Article 45826 should be uninstalled only together with KB Article 47276.
  • Restart after installing hotfix is not required. Simply start Recovery Server service.

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