Clients can't connect to the DS server.

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Why can't Dagent/Aclient connect to my Deployment Server when I can ping the server and the client?


The Agent is trying to connect but cannot establish a socket connection.

This is often caused by another program installed on your server that is preventing the Agent from making a secure connection to the server.

Running Msconfig from a command prompt, you should try disabling third party software one-at-a-time

beginning with the startup options then moving onto the services tab until the Agent is able successfully connect to the server.

Once identified, you should determine what options need to be changed in the program so that it does not interfere with the Agent

making its connection to the server and implement them.

Common causes of this are Firewall and Antivirus programs that block the ports.

If it is your firewall or antivirus you just need to add an exception or permission for the Agent to use the port and it will connect just fine.

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