VERITAS Storage Solutions 3.5 Maintenance Pack 4 for Solaris

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VERITAS Storage Solutions 3.5 Maintenance Pack 4 for Solaris


VERITAS Storage Solutions 3.5 Maintenance Pack 4 (MP4) for Solaris

Products contained in this patch release:

Storage Solutions Products
VERITAS File System
VERITAS Volume Manager
VERITAS Foundation Suite (tm)/Foundation Suite HA
VERITAS Database Edition for Oracle
VERITAS Cluster Server
VERITAS Cluster Server Enterprise Agents
VERITAS SANPoint Foundation Suite/ SANPoint Foundation Suite HA
VERITAS Database Edition/Advanced Cluster for Oracle

You must already have the 3.5 release of a VERITAS Storage Solutions product installed on your system before upgrading to 3.5 MP4.  

Read the guide READ_THIS_FIRST.pdf on the top level before starting

Top level directory contents:

cluster_server/                      VERITAS Cluster Server (VCS) 3.5 MP4
cluster_server_agents/          VERITAS Cluster Server (VCS) Agents 3.5 MP4
database_ac_for_oracle9i/     VERITAS DBED/AC 3.5 MP4 for Oracle9i RAC
database_edition_for_oracle/  VERITAS Database Edition for Oracle (DBED) 3.5 MP4
file_system/                          VERITAS File System (VxFS) 3.5 MP4
foundation_suite/                   VERITAS Foundation Suite (FST) 3.5 MP4
gnu/                                     GNU Utilities
READ_THIS_FIRST.pdf          READ THIS FIRST Document to help get started
sanpoint_foundation_suite/     VERITAS SANPoint Foundation Suite/HA 3.5 MP4
support/                               Support Tools, VRTSspt
volume_manager/                 VERITAS Volume Manager (VxVM) 3.5 MP4

cksum information:
# cksum storage_solutions.3.5MP4.sol.tar_278582.gz
2452425042      281594505       storage_solutions.3.5MP4.sol.tar_278582.gz

Directions for uncompressing and untarring:
# gunzip storage_solutions.3.5MP4.sol.tar_278582.gz
# tar xvf storage_solutions.3.5MP4.sol.tar_278582

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