My storage locations are almost full and my SSM jobs are not completeing. How can I resolve this?

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My storage locations are almost full and when I run the SSM job to free up space, the job does not complete or completes with errors. How can I get this to work properly to free up space?


The reason the SSM job is not completing or completing with errors is because in order for the it to run properly you need at least 10% free space available.  For example if your total Used Space is 1 TB then your Free Space needs to be at least 100 GB which would be 10%. If it is below 100 GB then you may begin to see issues with the SSM job not completing properly.

To resolve this issue, first cancel the current SSM job that is running if there is one running. Next, mark any old accounts that have been retired or decommissioned from your Network for deletion so we can free up as much space as possible. Once you have done this run the Delete Marked Items job. This will delete those old accounts and also anything else that needs to be removed based off of your retention settings.  After the job has completed check to see how much free space is available. If it is at or above the 10% mark, then run the SSM job and see if it completes.

Note: The more Used Space you have the longer the job will take to complete. If you are working with a few terabytes of data don't be surprised to see that the SSM job take a few weeks or even a month to complete.

Also, to prevent your storage locations from filling up too quickly again, it is recommended that you take a look at KB Article 29148 and review the suggestions outlined there.

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