Launching Wise Packager for DS gives a "Invalid or corrupt license" error and/or evaluation copy message displays

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When attempting to launch Setup Capture from a client machine, pointing to the server hosting Wise Packager for DS a "corrupt or invalid license has been detected. Please reinstall this software" message displays.

When launching Setup Capture from the server an Evaluation Version is shown even if the full license has been applied to Deployment Solution.


Wise Packager For Deployment Server (DS)


In some cases, when installing Deployment Solutions the wisebuild.ini file for the Wise Packager for DS goes. Without this file in place for the installation, the configuration will not be correct producing these error messages.


1.Check to see if all the files have been placed in the Wise Packager for DS directory. If there is no wisebuild.ini file then the install did not complete.

2. Attempt to uninstall Wise Packager for DS separately if this option is available. Some installs of Deployment Solution do not place Wise Packager for DS in the Add/Remove programs. In this case, uninstall and reinstall the entire solution.

3. Make sure the license file is a full version license. You may need to confirm with licensing that this is the case or have it tested on a different image or tested by a Wise Technician.

4. If none of the above steps resolve the issue, retrieve the wisebuild.ini file from a Wise Customer Support Technician. They will install Deployment Solution with the your license and then send the wisebuild.ini file to you.

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