After upgrading Monitor Solution to the latest service pack, policies are no longer activated on the agents

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After upgrading the Symantec Management Platform, or Monitor Solution for Servers, to the latest Service Pack, the Home > Monitoring and Alerting portal page web parts display No data and No results. The Monitor Agents are no longer collecting data as the Monitor Policies are no longer activated on the agents.


  When trying to view data in the Real-Time Performance Viewer tool, a Failed to connect the Monitor Plug-in. The Monitor Plug-in Service may be initializing or not running... error occurs.



  • Monitor Solution for Servers 7.x



Upgrading Monitor Solution for Servers requires that the Symantec Management Agents (SMA) and Monitor Agents be upgraded as well. The default configuration policies and Monitor Policies exclude machines which do not have the current version of the SMA or Monitor Agent installed.



The SMAs and Monitor Agents must be upgraded to the current version:

  1. Enable the Symantec Management Agent upgrade policies:
    Actions > Agents/Plug-ins > Rollout Agents/Plug-ins > Symantec Management Agent > [platform] > ..Upgrade..
  2. Enable all applicable Monitor Agent Upgrade policies based on the platforms that exist in your environment:
    Actions > Agents/Plug-ins > Rollout Agents/Plug-ins >  Monitoring and Alerting > Monitor > [platform] > Rollout > Monitor Agent for [platform] - Upgrade
  3. Allow time for the Symantec Management Agents to recieve this upgrade policy and for the Monitor Agents to begin reporting data to the server (2 - 3 hours will typically suffice).
  4. Refresh the Monitoring and Alerting portal page to ensure the information is current


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