Uninstalling Dell Management Console causes the Dell Client Manager Warranty report to not function

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Uninstalling Dell Management Console on a system that also has Dell Client Manager 3.1 will cause the Dell Warranty report to fail.


Dell Management Console 1.0.2

Dell Client Manager 3.1


The Dell Management Console 1.0.2 uninstall removes files that are shared by these applications.


This is an issue that needs to be resolved by Dell since it is the Dell Management Console uninstall that is removing files that shouldn't be removed.

In the mean time, the attached MSI file can be placed on the Notification Server and exectued.  If the MSI is placed in the c:\temp directory, the following command line should be executed to fix the problem:

msiexec /i "c:\temp\DMC_DMCServer_7_0_x86.msi" SKIPPAIM=1


DMC_DMCServerTasks_7_0_x86_102.zip (260 kBytes)

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