Does the Altiris Agent for UNIX 6.2 support HP-UX 11.31?

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Do the following products support HP-UX 11.31?
  • Altiris Agent for UNIX and Linux 6.2
  • Inventory Solution for UNIX and Linux 6.2 
  • Software Delivery for UNIX and Linux 6.1 SP1


Symantec has performed fairly high-level testing of the Altiris Agent 6.x on HP-UX 11.31 (11i V3). The testing involved the following:
  1. Push install of the agent (manually selecting HP-UX 11.23 OS in the 'Install settings' screen)
  2. Manual install of the agent (using aex-bootstrap)
  3. Manual uninstall of the agent (using aex-uninstall)
  4. Enable all Inventory Solution policies for Unix/HP-UX/Itanium tasks
  5. Enable default Software Delivery sample policy
  6. Create and enable one additional command-line only software delivery job

All tests were performed using the default settings, i.e., installation path, package paths, run levels, etc.

The following product builds were tested:

  • Altirs Agent for UNIX and Linux 6.2.1378 with hotfix Agent for UNIX and Linux KB39189
  • Altiris Inventory Solution for UNIX and Linux 6.2.1034
  • Altiris Software Delivery Solution for UNIX and Linux 6.1.3006

The testing was performed on the following platform:

System Type:
 HP integrity rx2660 
CPU Detail:
 Architecture - Unknown architecture
Speed - 
CPU Qty:
CPU Bits:
OS Type:
 HP-UX 11.31
OS Kernel:
 8192 MB

Test Results:

There were no run-time errors encountered during any procedure.  However, two minor issues were noted:

  1. The installation process did not remove the .tmp_inst directory in the /opt/altiris/notification/nsagent directory. Normally, this is removed when the installation completes. This can be left in place or removed at the customer's discretion. It is not required after the installation is complete.
  2. The new HP-UX resource was not included in the collection "HP-UX 11i (IA64)". See the following KB for details on resolving this:

Note that this test is in no way to be considered exhaustive or to cover all possible run-time configurations, patch levels and environments.

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