PXE config utility returning error - services not installed or started

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When trying to open PXE Config utility, error returned stating that services were not installed or running.


DS 6.8 SP2


1.  Corrupt pxe.ini file that needed to be recreated.
2.  Login method was incorrect.


To fix, stopped pxe services, deleted pxe.ini, started services, it recreated that ini file... services came up, login still failed... after continued troubleshooting, we found that he was logging in with the following information:

User: <domain\user>
Password: <Password>
Domain:  <left blank>

When we noticed that, we asked customer to login this way and it worked:

User: <User>
Password: <Password>
Domain: <Domain>

He was including the domain in the user field and leaving the domain field blank... When we switched it around, it worked correctly.

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Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH44122

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