HP-UX 11.31 computers are not included in the 'HP-UX 11i (IA64)' collection

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HP-UX 11.31 (11iV3) IA64 computers are not included in the 'HP-UX 11i (IA64)' collection.


Notification Server 6.x
Altiris Agent for Unix 6.2
HP-UX 11iV3 (11.31)


Please note that HP-UX 11iV3 (11.31) is not officially supported by the Altiris Agent for Unix 6.2. Cursory testing has found that it works with only a couple of minor issues. Please see the associated knowledge base articles for more details.

The criteria for the collection 'HP-UX 11i (IA64)' does not include the HP-UX 11.31 operating system.


To include 11.31 IA64 computers in the 'HP-UX 11i (IA64)' collection, please do the following:

  1. Clone the existing 'HP-UX 11i (IA64)' collection
  2. Edit the cloned collection
  3. Modify the sql to include the 11.31 operating system, as follows (new criteria is bold):

select Guid from vResource 
  where  Guid in  
     (select r.Guid  
  from Inv_AeX_AC_Identification i, vComputerResource r 
 where  lower(i.[System Type]) like ('%unix%') and 
           lower(i.[OS Name]) like ('%hp-ux%') and  
           (lower(i.[OS Version]) like ('%11.1%') or 
           lower(i.[OS Version]) like ('%11.2%') or 
              lower(i.[OS Version]) like ('%11.31%')

     and lower(i.[OS Revision]) like ('ia64%')  
     and r.Guid=i.[_ResourceGuid] 
     and r.IsManaged=1)



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