Job fails with NDMP Error NDMP_NO_DEVICE_ERR (16) error

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Job fails with NDMP Error NDMP_NO_DEVICE_ERR (16) error


Job completed: With ERROR - NDMP Error NDMP_NO_DEVICE_ERR (16). Unable to open target media device. The device may be unavailable or it may not be responding.


The NDMP_NO_DEVICE_ERR (16) is seen in the Job History when the NDMP component of the Backup Exec media server either cannot find the backup hardware, or if there is an error while working with the backup hardware.
This problem is most commonly associated with tape hardware issues, but has also been linked to swapping drives in a multi-drive tape library.
Media Errors:
This error message can be caused by media failures.  If the error only shows up when a particular tape is used the media itself may be bad.  In this case stop using that piece of media.  If the problem happens on many different media, it may be time to clean the drive.  If the drive being used supports cleaning media, clean the drive and retest.
The first element to check on is simply to make sure that the cabling for the tape hardware is plugged in firmly.
Is the Media Server using an LSI Logic controller? Is it using the LSIMPTNW.HAM device driver? Problems have been seen this driver that have only been resolved by switching to a different SCSI controller. See <> for details.
If alternate components are readily available, the simplest and quickest method of determining if it is truly a hardware error is to swap out the controller, cables, and/or the tape drive that is being used. If the failure occurs only when using one particular component, then that component should be suspected of causing the problem.
If this problem started happening when a drive was swapped out in a tape library, it is possible that the Media Management database still contains a remnant of the old drive and that is causing a problem. If this is the case, there are two options. First, go into the Robots menu and delete the particular drive that was replaced. Stop and restart Backup Exec to repopulate the Media Management database. Determine if this resolved the problem.
If that does not resolve the problem, go into the Robots menu and delete the robot in question. Stop and restart Backup Exec to repopulate the Media Management database. Note that any jobs that were set up to go to this robot will need to be edited to point them back at the proper target device. If the library was partitioned, it will need to be re-partitioned.
If these steps do not resolve the problem, it is likely an issue with one of the underlying hardware components (controller, cabling, library, or tape drive).

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