KNOWN ISSUE: Patch Management Solution 7 is unable to use UNC shares to store packages.

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UNC shares are not able to be used in the Patch Core Settings.  See KB TECH41730

This issue was resolved in SP2.


Patch Management Solution 7.0 and 7.0 SP1


UNC locations were not supported prior to SP2.


The following work around can be used with limited support if unable to upgrade to SP2.  The steps to follow for this process are:


Note: It is recommended that a backup of the database is made before any changes are made directly to it.

  1. Go to Settings> All Settings> Software> Patch Management> Core Services and set the To Location: to the desired UNC location.
  2. Go to Manage> Policies> Software> Patch Management> Patch Remediation Center and stage any bulletins that are to be deployed.
  3. Run the attached ChangePackageLocation.sql script against the Symantec_CMDB database for this server.
  4. Go to Manage> Policies> Software> Patch Management> Patch Remediation Center and Recreate Packages for all packages staged in step 2.

If there is any confusion about what bulletins need to have the packages recreated, use the following script to find these bulletins.

  distinct as 'Bulletin',
  bul.description as 'Description'
from rm_resourcesoftware_package pack
   Join resourceassociation ra on ra.Childresourceguid = pack.Guid
     and ra.resourceassociationtypeguid = 'A19CED33-9E1F-4E97-98CF-0F8B339739C3'
   Join resourceassociation ra2 on ra2.childresourceguid = ra.parentresourceguid
     and ra2.resourceassociationtypeguid =
   Join vitem bul on bul.guid = ra2.parentresourceguid
     and bul.classguid =
where pack.state like '%source type="local" location="\\%'


ChangePackageLocation.sql (877 Bytes)

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