List of "Assigned Devices" to a Task Server is too large.

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When looking at the list of "Assigned Devices" to a task server, specifically the Notification Server's Task Server, the list of devices is too large for the actual count of computers.

For instance in one environment with a little over 3000 computers and 5 task servers, the display under Jobs and Tasks looked a bit like this:

 Task Server  # of Assigned Computers
 Server 1  450
 Server 2  850
 Server 3  1050
 Server 4 (actual NS)  24850
 Server 5  700

However, when checking the actual server for the Active and Inactive devices, the count on the NS was much lower, with 450 Active and 100 Inactive.  Adding those up arrives at only 550, though the assigned devices was well over 20K.


NS7, TS7


This is working as designed.  Because tasks can be assigned to Users now, not just computers, users show up as "devices".  Because users are not associated with a subnet, they can not be "moved" off the NS to other Site Servers.


A Product Feature Request has been submitted to change the display of this information. 

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