KNOWN ISSUE: License usage count doubles after installing Software Management Solution SP1 MR1

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After installing Software Management Solution SP1 MR1 we are unable to deploy software to machines via managed delivery policies.

The following error message is found within the server logs are:

Priority: 1
Date: 24/11/2009 10:07:16 AM
Tick Count: 815130984
Process: w3wp (3420)
Thread ID: 45
Module: w3wp.exe
Source: ManagedDeliveryPolicy::OnBuildClientConfigXml
Description: Failed to execute policy - <POLICY NAME> on resource - 73833957-B78D-477B-825C-4492B20D9370. Reason: The specified resource failed to obtain a Software Management Solution license. License count for Software Management solution has exceeded.:- Exception:Error in the application., Product:ad3f5980-d9e9-11d3-a318-0008c7a09198

If you check the license count within Symantec Installation Manager > Add/Update licenses the license usage shows as correct.

If you check the Licensing web part found within the Symantec Management Console at:

Click Settings > Console > Web parts
Click Licensing
Click Show Preview button

The preview grid will display the following:

 Product Name  Licensing Usage  License Total
 Altiris Software Management Solution SP1  x  y
 Altiris Software Management Solution SP1 MR1  x  y

Where x is double the value of used licenses listed within Symantec Installation Manager;
and y is the total number of licenses.


Symantec Management Platform SP2 + HF2

Client Management Suite SP1

Software Management Solution SP1 MR1 7.0.1505


The exact cause of this issue is currently under investigation.


A new build for Software Management Solution SP1 MR1 (build 7.0.1507) has been posted in the Symantec Installation Manager that fixes this issue.

For legacy reference, running the following SQL query could also have fixed the problem:

UPDATE [ItemClass] SET ClassGuid='D6A8BFD6-AFB6-42DD-9A43-6E62B3E866AC' WHERE [Guid]='A1F858D6-8FDE-46FC-A3F0-385FBE4B683A'

After execution, restart the Altiris Service and the license count will be fixed.

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