Notifications configured to be sent with SMTP mail in Backup Exec are not being sent.

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Notifications configured to be sent with SMTP mail in Backup Exec are not being sent.


The procedure in this article should be followed if notifications are not being received, including situations where:

  • A recipient is configured to be notified of a job, selection list or alert category.
  • Test notification emails work every time.
  • A recipient use to receive notifications but does not receive them anymore.

To allow notifications to start being sent again perform the following:

1.  Confirm the SMTP Mail settings are configured correctly.

Click on Tools --> E-mail and Pager Notification. (Figure 1)

Figure 1


 Ensure the settings are configured correctly for the environment.

2.  Go to Tools --> Recipients... and select a recipient that is not receiving notifications then click Properties. (Figure 2)

Figure 2

3.  In the SMTP Mail tab, uncheck the Enable check box in the "Limit the number of notifications sent." (Figure 3)

Figure 3

4.  Click OK

5.  Click Cancel

Note: Read below for a detailed explanation of the how the notification facilities in Backup Exec work.

Configuring Notifications

Backup Exec allows the backup operator to set up notifications on three levels within Backup Exec.
  • Alert Category Level
  • Policy / Backup Job / Restore Job / Level
  • Selection list level

Alert Category Level

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 4 displays how to navigate to the Alert Categories window in Backup Exec and the notification related areas are highlighted with red boxes in Figure 5.

Backup Exec allows notifications for various alert categories or states that may occur during the operation of the software. Simply select the alert category from the Alert Categories list box (Figure 5), select the "Send notifications to selected recipients" check box and then nominate the relevant recipients. For a job log to be sent with the notification, select the "Include job log with a notification to an e-mail or printer recipient" check box.

When notifications are set at this level, Backup Exec will notify the selected recipients whenever this alert category or state is entered. This means any job or component of Backup Exec that uses the alert selected will send notifications to the recipients that are configured for the alert category.

Policy / Backup Job / Restore Job and Selection List Levels

Figure 6

The red boxes in Figure 6 again highlight the areas of interest in the Backup Job properties window. Note: The areas highlighted will be available depending on which area of the program is open.  For example, the selection list creation / modification window will only have the Selection List Notification section, backup job properties and restore job properties will have all of these notification sections.

If both "Selection List Notification" under "Source" and "Notification" under Settings is configured, then Backup Exec will send out two sets of notifications to the recipients that have been configured. One set of notifications will be sent out related to the selection list and another will be sent out for the actual job completion. If include job logs has been chosen, then it will also be attached to each set of notifications if e-mail or printer notifications are configured.


There are multiple levels of notifications in Backup Exec. There is a general "Alert" level of notifications, a "Job" level of notifications and a "Selection list" level of notifications.

All of these levels are controlled by the configuration settings that are set for each recipient in the Tools--> Recipients --> SMTP Mail tab. In this tab, the "Limit the number of notifications sent" area is very important. The settings here dictate whether or not a recipient receives a notification or not.

When enabled, the default value is "Notify me a maximum of 5 times within 5 minutes." The "Reset the notification limits after 15 minutes" check box is not selected by default.

If the "Reset the notification limits after 15 minutes" check box is left unchecked, after the notifications number sent reaches the maximum configured for that recipient they will not receive any further notifications. If this check box is checked, after the 15 minutes (if using the default value) elapses this recipient is able to receive up to his maximum limit of notifications until the reset notification limit time interval elapses and the notification limit counters for this recipient are again met.

If recipients are receiving more than one notification for a single event it is because Backup Exec was configured to send a combination of alert level notifications, job level notifications and possibly selection list notifications.

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