KNOWN ISSUE: Failed to process shared schedule for item ''{eb3e1382-d28d-4e38-9fea-74887a2e0ec6}

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The following errors are showing up in our logs:


Log File Name: C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Logs\a.log
Priority: 1
Date: 12/7/2009 11:20:01 AM
Tick Count: 2044718
Host Name: CMS7-SP2
Process: AeXSvc (1268)
Thread ID: 38
Module: AeXSVC.exe
Source: Altiris.NS.Scheduling.Schedule.OnSchedule
Description: Failed to process shared schedule for item 'Task Server DB Fix Schedule (eb3e1382-d28d-4e38-9fea-74887a2e0ec6)'. Exception: The item attributes for item 'Perl Script Sample (5e4d7363-a9fa-486f-a9ac-06a0b96c5a4a)' contain the NoModify attribute which prevents it from being saved.

You may see a similar Description: Failed to process shared schedule for item 'Task Server DB Fix Schedule (eb3e1382-d28d-4e38-9fea-74887a2e0ec6)'. Exception: Unable to load item Free Space (C:) less than 100MB (2450a51d-95c9-4d1d-bddc-04ed9d5d5014) version -1





Workflow Solution installed into the Management Platform 6.x or 7.x


This is being researched by development.  We only know it's related to the NS Web Service that is installed either manually or as a part of Workflow and/or the SDK.  Both rely on the NS Web Service, but we're not yet sure what the DB Fix Schedule is doing or rather why it's creating this error.


There are two possible solutions:


1) Remove the NS Web Service.  This is used by Workflow and ServiceDesk.  It is also used by the SDK.  If you are not using one of these, you may have installed it without needing it.

2) Disable the Task Server DB Fix Schedule and leave the NS Web Service (for Workflow, ServiceDesk, and the SDK).  This schedule is no longer necessary based on changes made to Task Server, so it can be disabled.  Run the following SQL in Enterprise Manager on your SQL Server against the Symantec CMDB database you're using with your Notification Server:

declare @xmlState as xml

select @xmlState = cast(state as xml) from item
WHERE guid = 'eb3e1382-d28d-4e38-9fea-74887a2e0ec6'

set @xmlState.modify
   replace value of (/item/scheduling/enabled/text())[1]
   with xs:string("False")

update item
set state = cast(cast(@xmlState as nvarchar(max)) as ntext)
where guid = 'eb3e1382-d28d-4e38-9fea-74887a2e0ec6'


This will simply disable it from running on the half-hour and the errors will stop.  At this point though, you will also need to make a slight change to the NS Web Service.  The following SQL should also be run:

ALTER PROC [dbo].[spSVCGetTasksByType]
SELECT     ParentItemGuid
FROM         ItemReference
WHERE     (Hint = 'tasktotype') AND (ChildItemGuid = @TypeGuid)

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