Release Notes for Symantec Backup Exec (tm) 11d for Windows Servers revision 6235 and Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server 11d build 40398a

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Release Notes for Symantec Backup Exec (tm) 11d for Windows Servers revision 6235 and Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server 11d build 40398a


Release notes for Symantec Backup Exec (tm) 11d for Windows Servers revision 6235.

For a listing of software supported in this release (including new software tested for this release), please visit:

For a listing of backup devices and Volume Shadowcopy Service hardware devices  supported in this release please visit:

Issues Addressed in this release:

Issue # Description
276128 Backup-to-Disk Job hangs indefinitely in a READY state when a device is removed from device pool.
422200 Resolved issue where robotic libraries are left locked after Backup Exec services are shut down
208193 Resolved issue where canceling a backup job during shadow copy component backup leaves locked temp files on the drive
327516 Resolved issue where "bemcmd -l" reports text-lines being terminated by LF on non-Western OS
513200 Resolved issue where "bemcmd -o2 -sf" loses files having name of non western characters.
529850 Resolved issue where non-clustered nodes are incorrectly affected by beutility functions run on SSO members
415225 Resolved issue where a Remote Agent license was required to make selections at the CAS for MMS data to be backed up at the MMS
289897 Resolved issue where a catalog job of a tape that was Auto-inventoried during import fails
539856 Resolved issue where catalog job requests prior sequence media that are not online
507130 Resolved issue where using a Cluster virtual name as a resource selection caused normal tape backup throughput to drop significantly
591178 Resolved issue where scheduled jobs are not being updated and do not run upon time change
276482 Resolved issue where beserver.exe caused an Access Violation while moving merged SmartLink logs to CASO server
510780 Resolved issue where the error code link in the job log is wrong in a CASO environment
541496 Resolved issue where "The data was not able to be validated" is reported when using Copy Logon Account if it already exists & overwrite option is checked
416529 It is now easier to resolve the issue where a duplicate job requires source media that no longer exists
497082 Resolved issue where the RALUS was not restoring special permission bits
535194 Resolved a memory leak in RALUS during backups
495969 Resolved issue where the Backup Sets by Media Set report does not display information for MMS servers.
573853 Resolved issue where Backup Exec Job Engine crashes after submitting a restore job from a large backup set
584667 Resolved issue where Redirected restore of large file system (21+ million files) crashes the BE Job Engine
588171 Resolved issue where SQL databases cannot be redirected, error "Unable to attach to a resource" and tries to go back to original server
513584 Resolved issue where the use of a legacy registry key prevents conversion from SBS to standard Windows server

Release notes for Symantec Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server 11d build 40398a.

Issues addressed in this release:
  • Backup Exec Continuous Protection Agent service ( RxService) could crash during synchronization
  • Backup Exec Continuous Protection Agent service ( RxService) could crash when creating a snapshot when the previous snapshot had been deleted by an external source.
  • Synchronization failures that could occur under rare circumstances.
  • A restore job would have to be deleted if the Business Server was restarted before the job had completed.
  • A rapid succession of network outages could cause dynamic (continuous) protection to stop, requiring the job to be restarted.
  • Backup Exec Retrieve now displays backup data originating in a hidden folder share and in a volume level share.
  • CPS restore jobs can now be stopped or canceled when running.
  • Grooming enabled for Alert and Snapshot data
  • Protection Agent can stop on Business Server when CMS Protection Agent is shutting down
  • The RxService is stopping due to a logging error
  • Snapshots take too long to generate
  • Better compression of Snapshot metadata records
  • Continuous Management Service stops intermittently
  • Improved handling of alerts
  • Configurable alert filter defined through the registry
  • Console can close when responding to an alert that has been groomed or deleted
  • Dynamic changes are not made to target server
  • Alert View filter affects the Alert Summary in System Summary
  • Console takes a very long time to expand a restore tree with 200 shares
  • Shares will not display in the consoles restore view under the machine name node
  • Restore jobs fail to start when protection server is under load
  • Japanese filename is not recorded correctly in trace log
  • Link for BE CPS page on the web goes to Replication Exec page
  • In Alerts View pressing F5 and not releasing quickly enough can cause RXRESULT_IllegalOperation
  • Refreshing System Summary view zeros out alert summary
  • Information Desk page is not translated in all languages
  • Alert preview pane is not updated when switching from History view to Active
  • File IO errors when renaming replica files on target.
  • Sparse files not replicated correctly to target.
  • FOT operation hangs, blocking dynamic journal processing.
  • CPS is attempting to backup the $Extend directory.
  • BERetrieve does not display restore selections when Novell Client32 is installed.
  • High Memory consumption by RxWriter service.
  • CPS: NT error 0xC000000D processing open request for 'path'.
  • CPS now continues replication without error when users modify the "Summary" properties of source files.
  • Job cancellations due to error: "Internal error. Unable to create <filename>".
  • Job failure as alternate data stream added.
  • RxService exits when MSVCR71!wcschr fails.


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