Backups may still be required on "Closed Partitions".

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Backups may still be required on "Closed Partitions".


When a partition is closed through the Vault Administration Console (VAC), Enterprise Vault (EV) stops writing new information to that closed partition but archived items on that partition can still be modified in certain circumstances:

1. Allowing Deletion - If users are allowed to delete items from their archives.

2. Storage Expire configured - Storage Expire will delete items from archives when their Retention Periods expire.

3. Collections - EV Collector will still continue to run on a closed partition and it combines small files on the partition into CAB files. Uncollected items that match the Collection policy will be collected, then the CAB files will be created and the DVS files will be deleted.

Note: Once Collections have been enabled on an open or closed Partition no option is provided to turn off the collection process. Collections are still required on "Closed Partitions" because when a user makes a request to view an archived item and this item is in a CAB file, EV extracts the DVS file out of the CAB as an ARCHDVS file extension, which will take up some space on the partition. These archdvs files are automatically removed from the partition by the collection process during its next scheduled run. Without the collection process running on the closed partition there is no mechanism to remove the archdvs files therefore the closed partition will grow in size. This will also happen if there are exports from archives so it's recommended that there is at least 10% free space on closed partitions, depending on their size.

4. Pending Items - Items in a pending state before the partition is closed. Those items will write to the closed partition.

Backing up a Closed Partition:

If your configuration includes any or all of the above mentioned examples regarding a closed partition (Allowing Deletion, Storage Expire, Running Collection, Pending Items to be archived), Symantec recommends that the Closed Partitions continue to be regularly backed up.

If your configuration does not include any of the above mentioned examples (Allowing Deletion, Storage Expire, Running Collection, Pending Items to be archived) then you can perform a final backup for this partition and remove the partition from your backup routine.

Additional information: A closed partition will increase in size even though it has been closed.

* Mail that has been restored, may re-archived therefore this will write to the index,
as the copy of the mail after it has been restored will still exist in the storage
location. Re-archiving a message will update the index and the storage location.
* Changes to mails that have been archived, theses changes will be indexed;
therefore you will see an increase in the size of the partition
* Mail items in a pending state before the partition is closed, these items will write
to the closed partition, therefore further increase to the index location and storage location.
If the partition has been recently closed, you will see fluctuations in the partition size for a
period of time, depending on the usage of archived items, but after a while this fluctuation will level out.

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