How to remove queued Notifier messages marked for deletion?

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How to remove queued Notifier alerts marked for deletion?


Delays in the VCS Notifier may be related to undeleted messages in the Notifier queue.  If you are experiencing delayed notification from the VCS Notifier, use the following procedure to clear the queue and restart the NotifierMngr Resource.

1. Verify that Notifier is running in the cluster:

#  haclus -value Notifier

#  hares -list Type=NotifierMngr

#  hares -display <NotifierMngr_Res_Name> -attribute State

2. Offline the NotifierMngr Type Resource:

# hares -offline <NotifierMngr_Res_Name> -sys <sysname>

3. Delete the queued Notifier messages:

# haclus -delnotes

4. Restart the NotifierMngr Type Resource:

# hares -online <NotifierMngr_Res_Name> -sys <sysname>



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