Disks are listed with a status of "failing" in Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows

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Disks are listed with a status of "failing" in Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows



Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows (SFW) will list the status of a disk as "failing" in response to errors that are detected while reading or writing to a disk. The status is designed to draw administrative attention to disks have experienced errors. Since it is possible for a disk to be flagged as "failing" in response to an isolated event, this status does not necessarily mean that the disks have a hardware problem. However, reviewing the status of the disks in the disk array, as well as any connected storage area network (SAN) components, is recommended to determine if a hardware problem exists.


To clear the "failing" status, right click on the affect disks and select "Reactivate Disk." This operation will not cause the volumes on the disk to become unavailable and can be performed at any time.


- Check the disk array as well as any connected SAN components for hardware problems.
- Review the Windows Event Viewer for events that refer to disk read and write errors. These events are frequently reported by vxio.

Note: Information about the cause of common vxio errors can be found in the technote that is listed in the "Related Documents" section of this document.


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