Guidelines on using OS Native Multi-pathing with DMP

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Guidelines on using OS Native Multi-pathing with DMP


NOTE :  The contents of this doc are  applicable to Solaris and AIX  (only )
Dynamic multipathing (DMP) comes bundled with Storage Foundation. Symantec strongly recommends using DMP for multipathing whenever possible because a system running the full Storage Foundation stack is inherently simpler to configure, manage, and troubleshoot than a system running Storage Foundation and a third party multipathing driver.

For configurations on Solaris or on AIX where DMP cannot be used, e.g. because of storage hardware support limitations, the following applies:

- On Solaris configurations affected by Sun Bug ID 6680575, Storage Foundation High Availability on MPxIO devices with Oracle/Sun Active/Passive storage hardware is not supported.

- Storage Foundation on AIX with MPIO enabled to IBM storage hardware supported by MPIO is supported.

In all of those configurations, the following limitations apply:

MPxIO is not supported with fencing:

- IO fencing and SCSI-3 Persistent Reservation are not supported on MPxIO and MPIO devices. As a result, Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC is not supported on MPxIO or MPIO devices.

Note: Symantec Product Management has officially verified the above statement.

Note: Symantec strongly recommends IO fencing for Storage Foundation Cluster File System to guard against the risk of data corruption.

- If the storage hardware is not supported by DMP, all devices presented by the underlying multipathing driver will be claimed in the disk category if they support SCSI-3, and in the OTHER_DISKS category if they do not support SCSI-3. 

No specific configuration step is required on Storage Foundation to support these configurations. If the applicable multipathing driver is enabled, DMP will automatically claim the resulting set of single path devices. 
• OS presents a single path suppressed device to DMP for each LUN.
• Need to disable SCSI passthru. ( vxdmpadm settune …. )
• If an ASL is not present , devices will be detected in “OTHER-DISKS” category
General Limitations.
• No support for   i/o Fencing   when using VCS &  SF-CFS 
• No support for SF-RAC stack  ( as i/o fencing is mandatory for this stack)
•  No support for Dynamic LUN add/remove operations .
5.0MP3 Limitations
• No support for non ORCL storage with Solaris MPXIO on 5.0MP3 ( please refer to the HCL )
• No support for non IBM   storage with AIX MPIO   on 5.0MP3       ( please refer to the HCL )
5.1SP1 limitations
• No support for  Advanced Reporting. ( 5.1SP1 onwards)


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