HOW TO: Increasing the Java maxheap in PureDisk

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HOW TO: Increasing the Java maxheap in PureDisk


The default Java maxheap size (128 MB in 6.2 and 256 MB in 6.5) may be too low for the PureDisk system.  The main visible symptom  will be the PureDisk Java Graphical User Interface (GUI) being  slow or unresponsive and possible pop-up warning when using.  The pdgui process may also not die when attempting to stop the process.

Check the current Java maxheap setting.
# cd /opt/VRTSweb/bin
# ./webgui maxheap
128 MB

Log Files:  N/A

On the PureDisk Storage Pool Authority (SPA) increase the Java maxheap size with the following command.  This will give the GUI more memory.
# /opt/VRTSweb/bin/webgui maxheap 512

Note: Try a value of 512 or 1024 to see which generates the best improvement.  This setting will only change the memory allocated to the PureDisk web processes.

After making the change it will be necessary to restart the process.
# /opt/VRTSweb/bin/webgui restart

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