The Scheduled Backup Jobs in the Administration Console in Continuous Protection Server show grayed out.

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The Scheduled Backup Jobs in the Administration Console in Continuous Protection Server show grayed out.

Sometimes due to Synchronization problems between the servers in a Continuous Protection Server (CPS) setup can cause the Scheduled Backup jobs to show grayed out. The job could be listed running with no Byte Count increasing. The option to START/STOP/CANCEL the jobs are not available. Only the DELETE option is available. Any Newly created jobs will also not run. The already existing jobs however continue to run as per schedule and the Pair logs continue to get updated. But no modifications can be done with the existing backup jobs.


The above mentioned condition occurs when the ServerStorageVolumes table in the Continuous Protection Agent (CPA) database is out of sync. When the Continuous Management Server (CMS) database tries to  sync with the CPA database it fails to do so due to a record already existing in the ServerStorageVolumes table but with a different ID. 


To resolve the issue please follow the below mentioned steps on server hosting the Backup Destination for which the jobs are showing grayed out:

1. On the CPS server where the Backup Destination is present, open the command prompt by browsing through START/PROGRAMS/SYMANTEC/BACKUP EXEC CPS/CPS UTILITIES. The command prompt console should be pointing to <installdir>\Symantec\Continuous Protection Server\ASA\Win32 folder.
2. Run the following commands to stop the Backup Exec Continuous Protection Agent Service and the Backup Exec Continuous Protection Database Service.
net stop rxrsa
net stop rxasa
Note: A prompt may come up asking whether the dependent services should also be stopped. Respond yes to the prompt.

3. Start the Backup Exec Continuous Protection Database Service using the command:
net start rxasa

NOTE: The Services mentioned in POINT 2 and 3 can be stopped/started using the Windows Services Console too.

4. Run the command DBISQLC. This will launch the "Connect to Adaptive Server Anywhere" console.
5. Enter the Username and Password.
**Contact Symantec Support for this step. (Internal Note)



6. Enter the Server Name and Database Name under the DATABASE tab and also change the path for the Database File field to <installdir>\Program Files\Symantec\Continuous Protection Server\Database\rsa.db as shown in FIGURE 2. Click on OK.


7. The "Interactive-SQL" console shows up as shown below in FIGURE 3.

Under the COMMAND section enter the command Select  * from ServerStorageVolumes and click on EXECUTE.
This will display all the names of the servers in the database that been seen on the Continues Management Server. To delete all entry's that are seen run the command delete from ServerStorageVolumes and click on EXECUTE, but if you are only needing to delete one entry then use the id that seen in the first select command.  The command will look like this:  Delete from ServerStorageVolumes WHERE ID='{45F8A7FE-DBD2-4EA3-8433-F0FE73A2F83D}'.


8. The "STATISTICS" section will display the amount of records deleted if any as shown below in FIGURE 4.


9. Close the "Interactive-SQL" console to commit the changes made.

10. Reboot the machine. Open CPS console and verify that the backup jobs are no longer grayed out. 



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