Veritas NetBackup (tm) Server / Enterprise Server 5.x Device Mappings Package for Windows

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Veritas NetBackup (tm) Server / Enterprise Server 5.x Device Mappings Package for Windows


This package contains an update to the device_mappings.txt file. The device_mappings.txt file is used by the NetBackup Media Server to interact with tape drive, tape library, and virtual tape drive / library devices. It is also used by the "Device Configuration Wizard" to automatically configure new devices.
Added Entries for:
  • IBM TS7520 VTL
  • Sun StorageTek VTL
Updated Entries for:
  • ADIC / Quantum Scalar i2000
The presence of a device in the file device_mappings.txt does not indicate, expressed or implied, support of the device on the target NetBackup/Media Manager platform. Refer to the NetBackup Hardware Compatibility List, found below in the Related Documents section, for such support statements.
These files are for NetBackup 5.1 or 5.0 only and will not work with other NetBackup releases.
The device_mappings.txt file contains a revision number in the file header. Before loading the downloaded bundle on your system, verify the new mappings file is replacing a mapping file with a lower revision number.
Installation Instructions:
Install these files on all NetBackup media servers that have access to tape drives or robotic libraries
1. Download and extract the new mappings file by clicking below on Download Now below
a. Create a temporary directory or folder
b. Obtain, via ftp, the file to the temporary directory/folder
This will create two files in the temporary location:
Readme.txt (this file)
2. Verify the existing mappings file revision:
a. Use Windows Explorer to locate the mappings files in <Temp Folder> and <Veritas Install Path>\NetBackup\share
b. Use Notepad or WordPad to view the mappings files
c. Verify the new mappings files have a higher revision number than the current mappings file.
3. Save the current file
Note: Always save the current file so it can be recovered if necessary. The following example uses the date to mark the current saved file
Windows NetBackup servers:
copy <Veritas Install Path>\NetBackup\share\device_mappings.txt
<Veritas Install Path>\NetBackup\share\device_mappings.<date>
where <Veritas Install Path> defaults to C:\Program Files\Veritas
4. Copy the new mappings file to the installation location:
copy <Temp Folder>\device_mappings.txt
<Veritas Install Path>\NetBackup\share\device_mappings.txt
5. Run the Device Configuration Wizard
Uninstall Instructions:
copy <Veritas Install Path>\NetBackup\share\device_mappings.<date>
<Veritas Install Path>\NetBackup\share\device_mappings.txt
where <Veritas Install Path> defaults to C:\Program Files\Veritas

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