Veritas Provisioning Manager 5.0 - Patch 1-1084664

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Veritas Provisioning Manager 5.0 - Patch 1-1084664


Veritas Provisioning Manager 5.0 Patch 1-1084664 is available.  It addresses following issues:
966545 - When a Solaris Sparc target in a Disconnected state, you need to use the "Force to Admin State" option to reboot the target into the Admin state. The "Reboot to Admin" operation fails even when the force option is used for the Disconnected targets. This issue has been fixed in the patch.
1043424 - Deploying an image with concat-mirror layered volume (created with Storage Foundation 4.1) on the same Solaris 10 x86 target with resize option fails with internal error: V-234-581. This issue has been fixed in the patch. The patch enables you to use the resize option with the Storage Foundation 4.1 images for the Solaris 10 x86 targets.
1057156 - Loading a SLES9 snapshot containing extended partitions results in Segmentation fault. This issue has been fixed in the patch.
1060595 - The Linux Active OS requires drivers for SATA drives available with the IBM x3455 system. The patch adds the required drivers for supporting IBM x3455 and hence enables provisioning of IBM x3455 systems.
It is recommended that you install this patch after completing installation (or upgrade) of Veritas Provisioning Manager 5.0.
Installation steps:
 1. Download the patch file to a temporary directory.
 2. Rename the patch file from
VPM-5.0+Patch1-1084664.tar_290045.gz to VPM-5.0+Patch1-1084664.tar.gz
 3. Unzip the patch file:
#gzip -d VPM-5.0+Patch1-1084664.tar.gz
 4. Extract the patch file:
#tar xvf VPM-5.0+Patch1-1084664.tar
 5. Run ./
The patch installation restarts the Provisioning Manager server processes.
This patch installs a new version of the Linux ActiveOS. To use the fixes
provided in the new version of the ActiveOS, any assets that are in the
Admin state need to rebooted back into the Admin state.
Patch Rollback instructions
To remove this patch from the Provisioning Manager Server:

 1. Change directory to:
 2. Run ./


VPM-5.0_Patch1-1084664.tar_290045.gz (46.3 MBytes)

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