How to exclude BE from registering with LiveUpdate to avoid downloading BE Updates with other Symantec product updates

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This article explain how to exclude Backup Exec from registering with LiveUpdate to avoid downloading the Backup Exec Updates along with updates for other Symantec software products.


When the LiveUpdate application executes it downloads the patches/updates for all Symantec Software. Please refer to the suggestions listed below to avoid downloading/installing the Backup Exec Updates along with updates for other Symantec Software like Anti Virus Updates, etc.
Solution 1: Using the Backup Exec LiveUpdate utility (BeUpdateOps.exe)

For Backup Exec versions 11d and 12.0, this tool is obtainable through a manual download. See the Related Documents to download the tool.

For Backup Exec versions 12.5 and higher, BeUpdatesOps.exe is included by default and can be found in the Backup Exec installation folder (by default C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\ or in X:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec where X: is the installation drive of Backup Exec).

From the command prompt, navigate to X:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec (where X: is the installation drive of Backup Exec) and run the command (see Figure 1):

BeUpdateOps.exe -AddBE -OptOut
Figure 1:
Note:  The OptIn and OptOut switches will not affect the LiveUpdate patch scheduling feature within Backup Exec. This can be configured through Tools > Options > Live Update, within the Backup Exec management console, as well as from the run menu or command prompt as per  
More information regarding the BeUpdateOps tool:
The Backup Exec LiveUpdate utility (BeUpdateOps.exe) allows users to change Live Update settings and allow Backup Exec to opt in  or out of receiving updates when the other Symantec applications run LiveUpdate. The utility is run from the command line, and comes with the following switches:
     AddBE - This will register Backup Exec with LiveUpdate. This allows Backup Exec to receive updates from LiveUpdate.
     RemoveBE - This will unregister Backup Exec with LiveUpdate. Patches will not be downloaded and installed from LiveUpdate. They will have to be manually downloaded and installed.
     OptIn - This will set Backup Exec to be updated whenever LiveUpdate is run. For example, if running LiveUpdate from within Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP), it will update Backup Exec.
     OptOut - This will set Backup Exec to be updated only when LiveUpdate is launched from within Backup Exec.  

Solution 2: Install Backup Exec from the command prompt

Install Backup Exec without the LiveUpdate Component per the following steps:

1. Open a Windows command prompt (Start, Run, CMD).
2. Change to the drive containing the Backup Exec CD or installation files (i.e.g Y:\WINNT\INSTALL\BE where Y:\ is the CD-ROM drive).

3. Change directories to \WINNT\INSTALL\BE.

4. Type setup /TS: /USER:<user> /DOM:domain /PASS:password /SNO:license key -S /NOUPDATE:

5. Press ENTER.

An installation job log named bkupinst.htm is created in the Application Data folder on the computer where Backup Exec is installed. This file lists any errors that may have occurred during installation and is the only source of feedback when running setup.exe. The last line of the log indicates if the installation was successful and if restarting the computer is required.

Please note:  With solution 2, the patches/updates for Backup Exec will need to be downloaded/applied manually.



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