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Welcome to the Veritas NetBackup (tm) 6.5 Upgrade Portal!


Many improvements have been made to Symantec's Veritas NetBackup that make it much more robust to meet the needs of our customers, including several core architecture changes. Because of these changes and the number of new features that NetBackup now offers, Symantec encourages the upgrade of any systems running a pre-6.5 version to the latest version of NetBackup 6.5.

For details on upgrading from NetBackup 6.0 to 6.5, see Chapter 4: Upgrading NetBackup in the NetBackup 6.5 Installation Guides.  These documents contain the requirements, upgrade steps and other information needed for a successful upgrade.  At this time there is no separate document for upgrading a NetBackup 6.0 environment to NetBackup 6.5.

For details on upgrading from NetBackup 5.x to 6.5 a separate document has been created.  This document is meant to assist customers upgrading their NetBackup 5.x environment directly to NetBackup 6.5. This upgrade guide contains a number of additional steps have been identified as critically important to the upgrade process. These steps are crucial and must be verified and/or performed before the actual installation of NetBackup 6.5.  Some of the added topics include:
  • Information on where to locate minimum system and environment requirements
  • A checklist of items and procedures that should be verified and backed up prior to beginning an upgrade
  • A detailed walk through of the upgrade process, that provides the appropriate upgrade information in existing NetBackup documents and published TechNotes.

These additional steps are primarily intended to address many environmental and functional issues that typically did not surface in earlier versions of NetBackup.

The Symantec's Veritas NetBackup (tm) 5.x to 6.5 Upgrade Guide can be found at:

As NetBackup 6.5 continues its life cycle, Symantec will continue to update this document as new steps and upgrade procedures are discovered.

6.5 Manuals and Documentation can be found here:

Documentation updated for new features introduced in NetBackup 6.5.x can be found here:

A list of software alerts may be found here:

Additionally, links to the 6.5.x Release Updates can be found here:



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