Disk(s) show as offline in VEA and give different errors when attempting various operations

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When presenting new disk(s) to a server they show as offline in the VERITAS Enterprise Administrator (VEA) gui, however may allow various operations on the disks and give different errors.


When trying to do "vxdisk list" you may receive error of "v-40-49408-1".

If you have the option to do "New Dynamic Disk Group", you may receive error of "Specified disk is not ready or usable". 


Microsoft Windows server with Storage Foundation for Windows (SFW)


These issues have been observed on disks with an unrecognised original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partition or a partition that is not recognised by Microsoft Windows operating systems.


If possible remove the OEM partition or partitions that are not recognised by Windows.  If it is not possible to do this it may be necessary to return the LUN free space on the storage array and carve out a new LUN.  Disks in use by SFW for application use or data storage should not have partitions other then the dynamic partition created by SFW.

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