"Corrupt label; wrong magic number" message appears in the Solaris syslog (/var/adm/messages)

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"Corrupt label; wrong magic number" message appears in the Solaris syslog (/var/adm/messages)


Jul 30 17:14:13 sinatra2 Corrupt label; wrong magic number
Jul 30 17:14:13 sinatra2 scsi: [ID 107833 kern.warning] WARNING: /pci@8,600000/fibre-channel@2/sd@14,1d (sd162):


This is a message that the operating system displays if a disk has no label on it. Labels are written to the Volume Table of Contents (VTOC) in the first block of the disk.  


  • This happens when a new disk is presented to the host and the host has not run the format() command to write this label
  • This is normal to see when a new disk has been freshly created and presented to the operating system
  • This can be reported if a healthy disk is written to in a non standard manner where the VTOC has been destroyed with a command such as dd()


1. Run the format() command and choose the disk from the menu. This will label the disk.
2. Run the fmthard() command in a situation where there are many disks and a script should be employed

Note: This could be detrimental to restoring data. Check with your technical experts if critical data is involved since this action could cause a negative impact on attempts to restore lost data.

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