ERROR_SYSTEM_API_CALL_FAILED (EBAB03EE) when performing a restore without removing pre-existing partitions and/or file systems on target drive.

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Attempting a restore job to the original or a different system where pre-existing partitions and/or file systems on its target drive has not been removed generates the error listed below. The image file passes verification and can be mounted and/or files extracted successfully. The image can be restore successfully to a drive where its storage space has been made completely unallocated.


Result: Error ERROR_SYSTEM_API_CALL_FAILED (EBAB03EE): Operating System API (registry::GetRegistryHandle) RegOpenKeyExW( TARGET_HIVE_SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Class\4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318\0000, ENUMERATE_MODE|WRITE_MODE ) failed. Error 00000002:


Windows base systems


This error is seen in some occasions when performing a restore to the original location using Restore Anyware or without removing pre-existing partitions and/or file systems. 


 Remove pre-existing file structures on the disk before reattempt the restore by performing the following steps:

  1. Boot back up off the Symantec Recovery Disk (SRD).
  2. From the main window choose the Utility menu option.
  3. From the selection listed, choose the Partition Table operations.
  4. Choose View / Edit after selecting the target drive' disk number. 
  5. Place two zeros in the first two columns and a single zero for the remaining columns in all rows.
  6. Click the Save changes button. (In Backup Exec System Recovery: Need to click on next --> Save changes Button)
  7. From the main window choose the Utility options again.
  8. From the selection listed, choose Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery Support Tool.
  9. Choose from the submenu that appears the option: First Track Operation.
  10. Backup Exec System Recovery, select the internal drive from the pull down menu and click Next. 

WARNING: Make sure that the internal drive is being selected and not any external drives where recovery points stored may have been stored. If necessary, disconnect any external drives.

  1. Select Wipe and click Next. Answer the prompts confirming this action. 
  2. Click finish to perform the wipe command.
  3. Click OK on the acknowledgement window that the select drive first track has been successfully wiped.
  4. Reboot machine back into the Symantec Recovery Disk.
  5. Re-attempt to perform the restore process.

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