Rolling Patch 6 for VERITAS File System 4.0 Maintenance Pack 2

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Rolling Patch 6 for VERITAS File System 4.0 Maintenance Pack 2


VERITAS File System 4.0 Maintenance Pack 2 (MP2) Rolling Patch 6 (RP6) installs on top of the VERITAS File System 4.0 MP2 or on an earlier version of the Rolling Patch for VERITAS File System 4.0 MP2 release.

FS_4.0_MP2_RP6.tar_293173.gz (see Download Now below) tarball contains 4.0 MP2 rolling patches for the following:

VERITAS File System (VxFS) 4.0 Maintenance Pack 2 Rolling Patch 6
• Patch-ID# 120108-06 for Solaris 7
• Patch-ID# 120109-06 for Solaris 8
• Patch-ID# 120110-06 for Solaris 9

All READMEs for the rolling patches are contained in the tarball, FS_4.0_MP2_RP6.tar_293173.gz

Below is the Solaris 9 README for VxFS 4.0 MP2 RP6:


Patch-ID# 120110-06
Keywords: VxFS 4.0MP2 VERITAS File System RP 06
Synopsis: VERITAS File System 4.0MP2: Rolling Patch 06
Date: Oct/01/2007

Solaris Release: 9

SunOS Release: 5.9

Unbundled Product: VERITAS VxFS

Unbundled Release: 4.0MP2

Topic: VxFS 4.0MP2 RP6 Multiple Fixes Patch

Relevant Architectures: sparc

BugId's fixed with this patch: 5074622 6299642 6305689

Changes incorporated in this version: 6299642 6305689

Patches accumulated and obsoleted by this patch: 120107-01

Patches which conflict with this patch:

Patches required with this patch: 116689-02

Obsoleted by:

Files included with this patch:


Problem Description:

6305689 (567987) VxFS should take advanage of Solaris 9 dirty page ordering
(1083386) Change assertion from VX_CFS_MASTER to VX_CFS_SAFEMASTER for
 vx_local_convnodata and vx_set_delay_nodata because nodata conversion
 can take place during assumption.
(1018525) Corrected call to vol_dereserve() with the device name as argument.
(1035745) corrected vx_recv_cwfa_loadfs() to update fs_dsize as fs could
 have been resized.
(1050449) Updated vx_logbuf_clean() by moving VX_DELAY(1) after releasing
 fs_logclean_slk lock.
(1069211) ACLs inherited from default ACLs allow greater permission than
 requested in some cases
(1073266) Take ilock before calling vx_msg_send in vx_rpc_setattr_tran so we
 don't get incorrect mtime on cfs secondary
(1094551) Introduce a new field (valid) in dotdot_list to capture if there is
 any valid parent (exist in both parent's db and it's attr area).
 With this fix, fsck will able to detect any invalid attr entry.
 skip to call make_dodot_list() for the case of nlink = 1 andi
 no dotdot attr.
(1033618) use the right format string for printing "Total Blocks" field.

(from 120110-05)
(700090) Fixed a panic that could occur if overlay inodes were held during
        a remount.
(702292) Fixed a deadlock that occurred when the ENOSPC error was hit and
        there were too many pending FDD I/Os.
(857703) Fixed a node panicking and rebooting when hastop -all was
        executed on another node.
(965025) Fixed vxdump failing to detect End of Tape (EOT).
(966827) Updated vx_root_iget() to check for NULL returned from
(966851) Fixed vxdump failing to detect End of Media (EOM).

(from 120110-04)
(702080) Updated postinstall script to cleanup /etc/system if there
        are duplicates.
(699882) In fs_bad_extent(), check that bno is not 0.
(526892) In vx_map() try to avoid to invalidate the pages locally in the
        case of the file is not shared by cache the pglock grant in EX mode
        locally instead. Also, hold VX_IGLOCK (share mode) before calling
        VX_IPGLOCK_CACHEGRANT and release it afterward to preven
        xted_ipglock1:1 assertion.
(568282) Corrected vx_isnfs() to take proc->p_lockp mutex before
        accessing p_pgidp to avoid panic with NULL pointer dereference.
(625371) Corrected vx_getpage1() to hold GLOCK exclusive when GETPAGE for
        write with a master-less inode.
(625474) Updated vx_logbuf_clean() to give up CPU to avoid
        spinning when waitflag is set but fs_actlb is NULL.
(639079) Fixed bmap code to avoid metadata corruption with writing into a
        hole on a double indirect address block boundary.

(from 120110-03)
(526787) CFS HP 11.23 4.0 : Spurious I/O error while running cfs-stress-mixed.
(526893) CFS performance problem when using mmap.
(520882) Resize on full file system hits panic on hp.
(526892) CFS performance problem when using mmap

(from 120110-02)
(509424) qlog does not support nodeid 31
(509773) System panic on node removed from dbac cluster using uninstallDBAC
(509865) fsadm -d does not compress directories of fs_bsize

(from 120110-01)
5074622 (131877) noise.replay failed: does not have corresponding reorg
inode clear VX_IEREORG flag?
(145852) attribute information may be missing in rwlock/glock pbdata of an
idropped inode
(146314) f:vx_clone_setup:6a,1 fails via vx_fdd_validate_ipush during odm stress
(153375) bmap routines for IORG_NONE inodes should return an error
(153719) Intent Log Version mismatch issue with BCV backup
(153765) Remove license check in fsck
(154093) fsck dumped core in recover_qlog() due to device name longer than 63
(154159) Panic in vx_dqswapfs() during vxupgrade from disk layout 5 to 6
(155047) VxFS mapping provider for VxMS fails to load with NULL external ehandler

(from 120107-01)
6299642 (i148157) VXFSLDLIC and CHECKVXFSYS get removed by 4.0MP1 patches

Patch Installation Instructions:

VRTSvxfs 4.0MP2 patch REQUIRES_TO_BE_NAMED must be installed first
before applying this patch.

For the Solaris 9 release, refer to the online manual pages for
instructions on using 'patchadd' and 'patchrm' scripts provided with
Solaris.  Any other special or non-generic installation instructions
should be described below as special instructions.  The following
example installs a patch to a standalone machine:

      example# patchadd /var/spool/patch/110434-07

The following example removes a patch from a standalone system:

      example# patchrm 104945-02

For additional examples please see the appropriate manual pages.

Special Install Instructions:

You need to use the shutdown command to reboot the system after patch
installation or de-installation:

    shutdown -g0 -y -i6


Patch cksum:
# cksum FS_4.0_MP2_RP6.tar_293173.gz
4198507221      25734647        FS_4.0_MP2_RP6.tar_293173.gz

Direction for uncompressing and untarring:
# gunzip FS_4.0_MP2_RP6.tar_293173.gz
# tar xvf FS_4.0_MP2_RP6.tar_293173


FS_4.0_MP2_RP6.tar_293173.gz (25.1 MBytes)

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