Email is not sent from the CommandCentral Enterprise Reporter (CCER) server to recipients.

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Email is not sent from the CommandCentral Enterprise Reporter (CCER) server to recipients.


Failure to send email from a misconfigured SMTP server with CCER


Manually configure a SMTP server if one was left out of configuration at install or a mistake was made during entry.

In a default installation -
Edit /opt/VRTSccer/cognos/c8/configuration/cogstartup.xml

Look for following section -

    <crn:parameter name="smtpMailServer">
      <crn:value xsi:type="cfg:hostPort"></crn:value>

Note: where could be or an incorrectly entered name selected during installation.

Alter the server name to reflect your correct server name.

Restart cognos after the edit.

To stop cognos -

    cd /opt/VRTSccer/bin
    . ./

: the preceding period is required

    cd ../cognos/c8/bin
    ./ -stop

To start cognos -

    ./ -s

Alternatively the Administrator can use the cognos configuration GUI.

    cd opt/VRTSccer/cognos/c8/bin/



Note:(requires JAVA_HOME from opt/VRTSccer/bin)
Note: requires Xwindows as it is a GUI

On the  Notification setting, right click and reset to default
Enter the new details.
Confirm the user/password used in the configuration is in the mail server's Global Address List
The password and user must match a valid user on the SMTP server and have access / permissions to send email.
The new settings can be tested and should pass authentication.

See the example below.

In version 5.2 and later of CCER an additional option is available to reconfigure the application to change values selected at installation time.

Under Solaris:

1) Change to the following directory:
 2) Type the following command:
./installccer -configure

Under Windows:

1) Log on to the host on which you want to reconfigure Enterprise Reporter.
 Click Start>AllPrograms>Symantec>VeritasCommandCentralEnterprise Reporter > Configuration Wizard.
2) In the Welcome panel, review the information that you need to reconfigure
Enterprise Reporter. Then, click Next.

follow the instructions in the Installation Guide for CCER 5.2 starting on page 64
Install guide in PDF format

or the details on the manual page  for steps 4 on and not to change the current values but to add the SMTP server which should likely be the Fully Qualified Domain Name of the Solaris CCER MS.







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