Veritas Volume Manager Rolling Patch 1 for VRTSvxvm 4.1 Maintenance Pack 1

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Veritas Volume Manager Rolling Patch 1 for VRTSvxvm 4.1 Maintenance Pack 1


Veritas Volume Manager Rolling Patch 1 for VRTSvxvm 4.1 Maintenance Pack 1

Patch-ID# 124359-01
Keywords: VRTSvxvm 4.1 MP1 RP1 PATCH
Synopsis: VRTSvxvm 4.1_MP1_RP1: Patch for Volume Manager 4.1 MP1 on 5.10_x86
Date: Apr/03/07

Solaris Release: 10_x86

SunOS Release: 5.10_x86

Topic: VRTSvxvm 4.1_MP1_RP1 Patch

Unbundled Product: Veritas Volume Manager

Unbundled Release: 4.1

Relevant Architectures: i386

BugId's fixed with this patch: 6305921 6522472

Changes incorporated in this version: 6305921 6522472

Patches accumulated and obsoleted by this patch:

Patches which conflict with this patch:

Patches required with this patch: 120586-04

Obsoleted by:

Files included with this patch:

Problem Description:
Note: This patch is not necessarily scheduled or approved for integration in a future release.

Note: Veritas Incident Numbers are included in parenthesis.  Etrack incidents
     begin with an "e" and itools incidents do not begin with an "e".

6522472 (e566347)  SF 4.1x64 - needs EMC power path naming fix provided in SPARC 4.1MP2 117080-05
6305921 (e566347)  libvxvm_get_subpath needs to cater for tpd metanodes also. Arequirement from SUN
(e867975)  VRAS: need to compile with -DSOLARIS_X86 to get the correct value of VOL_BIG_ENDIAN
(e641439)  VRAS: vradmind cores while sending snapshot to client
(e1006928) VRAS: vradmin syncrvg/syncvol give core on diff sync

Patch Installation Instructions:
Refer to the man pages for instructions on using 'patchadd' and 'patchrm'
scripts provided with Solaris.  Any other special or non-generic
installation instructions should be described below as special
instructions.  The following example installs a patch to a standalone

       example# patchadd 120586-xx

The following example removes a patch from a standalone system:

       example# patchrm 120586-xx

For additional examples please see the appropriate man pages.

Special Install Instructions:
You need to use the shutdown command to reboot the system after patch
installation or de-installation:

   shutdown -g0 -y -i6

A Solaris 10 issue prevents this patch from complete installation.
Before installing this VM patch install the Solaris patch 119255-04
(or a later version of this patch). This Solaris patch fixes
packaging, installation and patch utilities.

Download Solaris patch 119255-XX directly from Sun at


Patch cksum:
# cksum Sol_x86_VM_4.1_MP1_RP1.tar_293875.gz
276485727       2626330 Sol_x86_VM_4.1_MP1_RP1.tar_293875.gz

Directions for uncompressing and untarring:
# gunzip Sol_x86_VM_4.1_MP1_RP1.tar_293875.gz
# tar xvf Sol_x86_VM_4.1_MP1_RP1.tar_293875


Sol_x86_VM_4.1_MP1_RP1.tar_293875.gz (2.6 MBytes)

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