How to generate a VxGather with VERITAS Replication Exec (VRE).

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How to generate a VxGather with VERITAS Replication Exec (VRE).


VxGather is used to provide Symantec Technical Support with important troubleshooting information.

NOTE:  Should the technical problem NOT involve a particular VRE job, proceed directly to the "Running VxGather" section below.

The following procedure creates the VRE job's Pair Log which will then be included in the upload:
In the VRE Admin Console's "Jobs" tab, double-click the errant job name and select the "Report Names of Files Synchronized by Pairs of this Job" option. Click "OK", then restart the job until the error/failure recurs. Right-click the job name and choose "Monitor Job" --> "View Pair Log" --> "Show all log entries" --> "OK" (Figure 1).

Figure 1

The file "VRE_RepPairLog.txt" opens in Notepad and is automatically saved to                                               C:\Program Files\VERITAS\Replication Exec\Logs.  Close Notepad.  

Running VxGather:

Click the "Download Now" link at the bottom of this page and save the file to a Temp folder on each of the VRE Source and Target Servers:

1) Change the downloaded filename to ""

2) Extract the file's contents and rename "Vxgather.tmp" to "Vxgather.exe"

3) Double-click "Vxgather.exe"

4) In the top right-hand corner of the resultant screen, click "Browse"

5) Choose Desktop or a Temp folder as the "Output root directory" path

6) Enter the Symantec Technical Support Case ID number in the "Case number" field

7) Click the "Gather" button (Figure 2)

Figure 2

8) Click "Yes" to run multiple executables

9) Upon completion, click "Send Results via FTP" (Figure 3)

Figure 3

Repeat the "Running VxGather" procedure on each relevant VRE Server and notify Symantec Technical Support when complete.


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