Date range displayed in [Archived Date] pull down are not correct

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Date range displayed in [Archived Date] pull down are not correct



When the number of Index Volumes per search per archive is larger than or equal to 5 (default), Federated Search (search through multiple Index Volumes) cannot be performed and search will return a page with [Archived Date] pull down from which a user will select an Index Volume to search against. Each line in [Archived Date] pull down represent each Index Volume and labeled by the youngest and the oldest archived date information from that Index Volume, but date range displayed in [Archived Date] pull down are not correct.


1. Configure a WebApp.ini configuration value FederatedSearchMaxVolSets (default = 5) to increase the threshold number of Index Volumes for Federated Search. Refer to the Related Documents section TECH54559 for additional information.

If the number of Index Volumes in the environment is N, configure FederatedSearchMaxVolSets to a larger number than N (N+1 or larger number) this will eliminate the [Archived Date] pull down itself and this issue will not be experienced. This is only a temporary workaround because the number of Index Volumes will grow as time goes by, and the practical maximum number that can be set is to FederatedSearchMaxVolSets is limited by server's resources such as CPU performance, size of memory.

2. Restart the IIS Admin Service


This issue has been addressed as part of the following release:

Symantec Enterprise Vault 2007 - Release Notes

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Etrack for this issue: Different journal archives have data gaps in consecutive index volumes

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