How to enable recovery of user deleted items in Enterprise Vault (EV) 2007 and 8.0

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If users are capable of deleting items from their archives it may be desired to enable recovery of user deleted items. Doing so enables EV administrators to be able to easily recover from accidental deletions within the specified timeframe. 
If this option is enabled, when a user deletes an item from an archive, the item is removed from the archive's index, so the item can no longer be found by searching. Direct links to the item, such as mailbox shortcuts, still work. The deleted item no longer contributes to the archive quota usage.  
Number of days until items are permanently deleted controls the number of days during which a deleted item can be recovered. At the end of this time the item is permanently deleted. 
This information is also available in the Help file included in EV 2007 and EV 8.0. 
This setting does not apply to Archives that were deleted or hard delete operations. To recover items which have passed the timed threshold specified, hard deletes, or archive deletions; for more information refer related documents section below.


Display the Properties of the appropriate Archive and click "Recover Items" on the Deleted Items tab
Note: This will recover all the items in this archive that have been marked for deletion.

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