Enable Security checkbox not sticky after Create Image

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Enable Security checkbox not sticky after Create Image

Open the Altiris Deployment Server Configuration settings in control panel, click on Options->Authentication and add the default server key.
On a client machine, edit the AClient settings so that the Enable key-based authentication to Deployment Server is checked.
Run a Quick Disk image on that client.
When the client finishes the create image job, the Enable key-based authentication checkbox is no longer checked in the AClient settings. However, if you right-click->Change Agent Settings->Production Agent on that client from DS, it still says the box is checked, even though the actual agent on the client does not show it as being checked.


In that aclient_prop table have a Null value for settings


Upgrading to Deployment Server 6.5.299

If not resolved then view article below.
Aclient settings not persistent

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