VERITAS File System 5.0 MP1 Rolling Patch 4 for Solaris ( 5.0 MP1 RP4 )

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VERITAS File System 5.0 MP1 Rolling Patch 4 for Solaris ( 5.0 MP1 RP4 )


Click on the Download Now link below and then use these commands to unpack and install this patch.

# mv 5.0MP1RP4a5_sol.tar_305740.gz 5.0MP1RP4a5_sol.tar.gz

# cksum 5.0MP1RP4a5_sol.tar.gz
401628814       35383242        5.0MP1RP4a5_sol.tar.gz

# gzip -d 5.0MP1RP4a5_sol.tar.gz

# tar -xf 5.0MP1RP4a5_sol.tar

# ls -1

# grep "(1" README.125760-05
(1152869) Updated vx_iupdat_msg() so that on a VX_ENOTOWNER error,
(1160745) Corrected vx_open to check for a force unmounted inode instead of
(1182573) Limited the inode so that the inode has at most VX_NTYP4 entries
(1206110) Fixed a panic issue by no longer taking a blocking lock on
(1206129) Changed vx_extprevfind to avoid whole AU allocations on a CFS
(1206965) Prevented a panic that occurred after running ls -@ on a directory
(1208958) Fixed an incorrect calculation in the vxdump main() function that
(1213574) VxFS now scans the iau delegations once a minute, and returns any
(1226259) In replay_setup(), dv_estatcount and dv_estatlist are now reset to
(1230337) Fixed a performance problem with rename in a large directory on the
(1230807) For ACL, updated vx_populate_opts() to set the inheritance permission
(1233598) Fixed a defect that sometimes caused iterations for inodes with
(1244759) Updated vx_dnlc_lookup() to ensure that when moving the DNLC entry to
(1255524) Updated vx_statvfs_pri() to exclude inodes residing in ILOST holes,
(1255539) Updated various functions for better management and reservation of
(1255589) In vx_write(), extended the check for i_size changing that occurs
(1266103) Changed the typecasting from vx_u32_t to vx_u64_t of the current byte
6668585 (1270110) Race condition in vx_page_alloc can lead to deadlock.
6499947 (1270117) Remove caching of 256 entries at once in vxquot.
(1270120) Updated vx_glock_putdata() to keep holding ILOCK during piggy pbdata
(1270127) The cbuf freer formerly ran every 10 seconds, and freed all cbufs.
(1270132) Padded the vx_iostat structure to a 64-bit boundary.
(1275640) Updated vx_freesp_clear() to avoid the need to perform delayed
(1139616) If a file is currently mapped with at least one shared writable
(1099216) vx_write_alloc2_local() needs a retry limit as it can infinitely
(1102026) Fixed an issue in which if run_replay() returned before calling
6547100 (1104995) vnevent_remove() should be called before file deletion
(1114175) Backed out a code change that would cause a file system hang when
(1116094) type mismatch in vx_do_getpage() arg "plsz" u_int should be
(1122869) layout6 to layout7 upgrade leaves some fields uninitialised,
(1139616) If a file is currently mapped with at least one shared writable
(1157945) Fix a issue in which vxfs used too much CPU looking for odd sized
(1003062) Introduced VX_CFS_IRWLOCKEOF and VX_CFS_SIZEVALID flags.
(1018519) Corrected call to vol_dereserve() with device name as
(1029534) Reverted VX_GET_NINODE back to 57 by switching it with
(1032402) Remove VX_DELAY for performance gains.
(1040623) Introduced reclaim inactive attribute inodes during
(1060317) Updated vx_read1() to invalidate whole file that is
(1061342) Update vx_logbuf_clean(). Move VX_DELAY(1) to later
(1069070) Introduce a new field (valid) in dotdot_list to capture
(1069187) ACLs inherited from default ACLs allow greater
6305689 (1090572, 1111711) fsync() times increase as file size grows
(1090575) Make sure the correct fs passed to vx_device_lookup if the
(1090578) Need a better method of detecting it the current
(1093626) Back out changes made to vx_extfree() by incident 544066
(1096460) Check wehether the thread already locked ownership before
(1096468) Check for validity of fs pointer before accessing fields
(1113356) Fixed an issue that if run_replay() returned before the
(1003062) Introduced VX_CFS_IRWLOCKEOF and VX_CFS_SIZEVALID flags.
(1003259) Revised fix of 595487 and initialized tracks and fetapes
(1005252) performance enhancements for replay: add tail pointers for
(1005783) Removed triggering of inactive processing on ENOSPC from vx_rdwr().

# grep "Solaris Release:" README*
README.125760-05:Solaris Release: 8
README.125761-05:Solaris Release: 9
README.125762-05:Solaris Release: 10

Read the README file for the patch installation instructions.


5.0MP1RP4a5_sol.tar_305740.gz (34.6 MBytes)

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