Issues addressed in this release notes for Symantec Backup Exec (tm) for Windows Servers 12.5

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Issues addressed in this release notes for Symantec Backup Exec (tm) for Windows Servers 12.5


Please Note: All Hotfixes released for Backup Exec for Windows Servers 12 are included in Backup Exec for Windows Servers 12.5, in addition to the following:

Issues addressed in this release:
Incident #Description
1106905Backup job fails with verify error when OTC (On Tape Catalog) spans to 2nd tape
1193685SPN (Symantec Protection Network): Capacity information is missing
1196593SAP: Control File gets corrupted in a restore job when a backup uses compression. This occurs on two setups and not on two other.
1198302SPN: CAS (Central Admin Server): Add MS with SPN Folder as MMS (Managed Media Server) shows the SPN Folder "In use" though there is no job running to it.
1202084SPN: Trying to run a setcopy job of an SPN backup set causes the job to remain in a loading media status for more than 6 hours.
1203305DR. Watson in Job Engine (Bengine) when running multiple inventory jobs and cataloging of BEWS 11d tapes.
1204162SPN: Validation should be done for naming the SPN Device.
1204318SPN: CAS: Attempt to restore from a shared SPN Device fails with "error occurred while scanning the catalogs".
1204951SPN: Better error message needed when SPN is busy and an attempt to create a folder is made.
1205894SPN: MountMedia Hang
1205955SPN: Reports: Operation Overview Report is not reflecting SPN Devices.
1206699SPN: Existing Folder Warning does not appear.
1207640SPN: "Shared Storage" should not appear in dropdown.
1209432SPN: Tool Tips for SPN Media Label should be updated.
1211632BECluster: The BE/DLO Cluster Resources are in a failed state when making BE/DLO Cluster Aware for the very first time.
1223844"Thank you for installing Backup Exec" Screen is displayed everytime LiveUpdate runs.
1403015IDR (Intelligent Disaster Recovery): Unable to load drivers for the Brocade 415/425 and 815/825 Host Bus Adapters during the IDR Recovery Process
1216505Exchange 2007: If the other node in a two node cluster is offline, the backup of storage groups may take up to six times as long or more to complete.
1399606Hyper-V: CPS: Installing CMS/CPA on Windows 2003 Guests causes the guest machine to hang on reboot.

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