Steps to recompile an image file with the Recovery Point Browser

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Steps to recompile an image file with the Recovery Point Browser


Use Recovery Point Browser to make an uncompressed copy of the image. This allows the restore to complete successfully.


1. Launch "Recovery Point Browser" .
2. Select the image you are trying to restore.
3. Highlight the name of the image file(.v2i) in the top left of the Recovery Point Browser.
4. Click on the "Copy" icon to start the "Copy Recovery Point" Wizard.
5. Select a new filename and destination.
6. Select NONE for the compression level, or the CRC error is likely to appear.
7. Set a password if desired. If this password is ever forgotten the image becomes unusable. Symantec can NOT reset or bypass this functionality once it has been implemented.
8. Press OK and the copy begins.

When the copy has completed retry the restore using the new uncompressed image file.




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