Once an agent/option is installed under "Evaluation" mode, it cannot be uninstalled.

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In Backup Exec, any agent/option can be evaluated for 60 days even if the base software is licensed. 

However, once an agent is installed for evaluation in Backup Exec it cannot be uninstalled. Under Help-About Symantec Backup Exec for Windows-License Information, that agent will come up under Evaluation column as shown below. (Figure 1)



This trial period will not start until the first backup using the agent/option is performed. After the first backup the trial period starts and will expire after 60 days thereafter. If the install setup is run again after the evaluation period has expired for an agent/option, that agent/option will come up under EXPIRED options.

After the license for the agent is entered in Backup Exec the agent will be re-activated. When the trial period of the agent expires and license is not purchased for the agent, it will not affect any other functionality of the software.

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