VERITAS Cluster Server error messages and error codes [Part 1].

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VERITAS Cluster Server error messages and error codes [Part 1].


10001    Please look for messages in the log file
10003    Invalid message for agent
10004    No agent pid specified for agent %s
10005    Getting id messages from agent %s not started by engine
10006    Invalid agent attribute: %s
10007    Agent does not exist: %s
10008    Warning: Agent %s has faulted %d times since %s
10009    Agent %s has faulted %d times in less than %d seconds. Will not attempt to restart.\n\t Correct the problem and use 'haagent -start' to start the agent
10010    Stopping all agents
10011    System not in running state; cannot start agent %s
10012    File %s not found
10013    %s not a regular file, or execute permission is not set; cannot start
10014    Agent file not specified for resource type %s
10015    Cannot start %s; please check file
10016    Agent %s for resource type %s successfully started at %s
10017    Agent already started
10018    Invalid channel
10019    No connection (ipmhandle) with agent %s: cannot stop
10020    Cannot stop agent %s: Some resources are not in offline state
10021    Agent %s not started so cannot be stopped
10022    Agent %s stopped
10023    Agent %s not sending alive messages since %s
10024    Agent %s has not sent startup message since %s; restarting the agent
10025    Unable to add '%s' attribute; return: %d err mesg: %s
10026    Invalid system name
10027    System %s not in STALE_ADMIN_WAIT or ADMIN_WAIT; \n\tunable to force node into LOCAL_BUILD
10028    Cluster configuration is writable.  Must type \n\t'haconf -dump -makero' or \n\t'hastop -all -force'
10040    Cannot find %s; no link analysis for this node
10041    Cannot find %s; no load sampling for this node
10044    LogSize must be an integer
10045    LogSize must be at least %d
10046    LogSize must be at most %d
10047    CounterInterval must be at least 3 seconds
10048    Attribute %s does not exist
10050    No username or password in login message
10051    System %s does not exist; Unable to force node into LOCAL_BUILD
10052    System %s not in cluster; Unable to force node into LOCAL_BUILD
10053    User %s does not exist
10054    Cannot encrypt password; error 0x%x user %s
10055    User %s has wrong password
10056    User %s has logged in
10057    User %s has no password
10058    UserNames attribute contains no username to check; no logins allowed. Use hauser command to add users
10059    Unable to force node into LOCAL_BUILD. Please try again
10060    Local build from disk failed with message: %s
10061    Config dump to disk failed with message: %s
10062    Local build from disk failed with message: \n\tNo such file or directory
10063    Local build from disk failed with message: \n\tConfiguration syntax incorrect
10064    Local build from disk failed with message: \n\tConfiguration is stale
10065    Cannot delete %s error %d
10066    Entering RUNNING state
10068    VCS engine will exit to prevent any inconsistency. Review names of systems listed in VCS configuration and ensure that they are present and thaT node ids are consistent in the LLT configuration files on all systems in the cluster
10069    All systems have configuration files marked STALE. Unable to form cluster
10070    All systems have stale configurations
10071    last RUNNING node has failed or build from local disk failed. Unable to form a cluster;
10072    Cluster waiting for administrative action
10073    Building from local configuration
10074    hacf does not exist!!!
10075    Building from remote system
10076    Local node leaving cluster before joining as versions differ.\n\tlocal ver: %d.%d.Current cluster ver: %d.%d
10077    Received new cluster membership
10078    Local node restarted in Read-Write mode, and it is the only node in the cluster. Node transitioning to ADMIN_WAIT
10080    Membership 0x%x, Jeopardy 0x%x
10081    Unable to update attribute
10082    Invalid argument to enable
10083    Enabling LinkMonitoring
10084    Cannot enable LinkMonitoring when GABSIM is enabled
10085    Invalid argument to disable
10086    Disabling LinkMonitoring
10088    No event name specified
10089    Invalid character in event name
10090    Event %s already exists; cannot add it
10092    Attempting to modify non-existent event
10093    Invalid message for event
10094    Event %s added
10095    Event deleted
10096    Condition %s exists for event %s
10097    Condition %s added to event %s\n
10098    Action %s exists for event %s
10099    Action %s added to event %s
10100    Condition %s deleted
10101    Condition %s does not exist for event %s
10102    Action %s deleted
10103    Action %s does not exist for event %s
10104    Event does not exist: %s
10105    Event %s triggered by group probe triggering condition %s
10106    Event %s triggered by group probe triggering action %s
10107    Event %s condition %s not satisfied
10108    All conditions satisfied for event %s
10109    Performing action %s for event %s
10110    Event %s triggered by condition %s
10124    GABSIMSERVER host = %s
10125    GABSIMSERVER: couldn't open connection to the host: %s
10126    Cannot heartbeat; errno %d
10127    No group name specified
10128    Group name is a reserved word or contains invalid character(s)
10129    Attempting to add existing group
10130    Group limit of %d reached; cannot add more
10131    Attempt to modify non-existent group
10132    Invalid message for group %x
10133    Group does not exist: %s
10134    System does not exist: %s
10135    System not part of resource's SystemList %s
10136    Group added; populating SystemList and setting Parallel attribute recommended before adding resources
10137    Resources exist; cannot delete group
10138    Dependencies exist from/to this group; cannot delete group
10140    Arc exists from %s to %s
10141    Arc from %s to %s would cause loop in the dependency graph
10142    Groups restricted to maximum of one dependency
10143    Maximum 3-level dependency tree exceeded
10144    Could not link groups %s and %s
10146    Could not unlink groups %s and %s
10147    Could not rename group
10148    Initiating online of Resource %s on System %s
10149    Initiating offline of Resource %s on System %s
10151    System not part of group's SystemList %s
10152    Must specify system on which to online/offline group %s
10153    Manual operations are disabled for group %s
10154    Group %s is frozen
10155    Group %s has agent(s) that failed on system %s
10156    Group %s is migrating to or from system %s; on-offlining prohibited during switch or failover
10157    Group %s faulted on %s; clear faults first with hares -clear
10158    Group %s autodisabled on system %s;\n\tThis can happen if VCS is not running on the system or group is not probed on the system
10159    Group %s autodisabled in cluster;This can happen if\n\t group is not probed on all nodes alive in group's SystemList, or\n\t VCS engine is not running on all nodes alive in group's SystemList
10160    System %s is frozen
10161    Group %s is not enabled on system %s
10162    Group %s has not been fully probed on system %s
10163    Group dependency is not met if group %s goes online on system %s
10164    Group dependency is violated if group %s goes online on system %s
10165    Failover group %s is not completely offline in cluster
10166    Initiating manual online of group %s on system %s
10167    Initiating manual offline of group %s on system %s
10168    No AutoStart resources in group
10172    Group %s does not include System %s
10173    Cannot modify Parallel attribute after resources have been added to group
10174    Use -add or -delete to dynamically modify SystemList
10175    System %s not defined: cannot create SystemList
10176    System %s not defined: cannot modify SystemList
10177    This action will remove %s from group; group must go offline on that system before it can be removed
10178    System %s not defined: SystemList not modified
10179    Group not offline on system %s; SystemList not modified
10180    System %s not defined or group not offline on system;  SystemList not modified
10181    AutoRestart set to %d for %s group
10182    Group %s was manually offlined on system %s
10183    Group Retry: no retry of group %s on system %s due to persistent resource fault
10184    Group Retry: retrying group %s on system %s (try #%d)
10185    Group Retry failed for Group %s on System %s: failure occurred within OnlineRetryInterval
10186    Group Retry failed for Group %s on System %s: retries exceeded OnlineRetryLimit
10187    Received -nopre online command for group %s on system %s
10188    Switch option limited to failover groups; use online/offline for parallel groups
10191    Cannot switch; group %s is not active anywhere in the cluster
10192    Cannot switch to own system
10193    Group %s is stopping on system %s and it will not switch
10194    Group %s is stopping on system %s due to failover and it will not switch
10195    Agent(s) for group %s failed on system %s
10196    Group %s depends on group %s to be on system %s; cannot switch group %s
10197    Must specify system to switch to for group %s
10199    Group %s is not configured on system %s
10200    System %s is not available
10205    Group %s is faulted on system %s
10206    Group dependencies are not met for group %s on system %s
10207    Group dependencies are violated for group %s on system %s
10208    Initiating switch of group %s from system %s to system %s
10209    System not part of group's SystemList: %s
10212    %s dropped below zero; setting to zero
10213    Concurrency Violation; %s increased above 1 for failover group
10215    Undefined type %s
10216    Conventional dependency of resource type %s to %s would create a loop in the dependency graph
10217    Group %s already active. Ignoring Restart
10218    Group %s autodisabled. Ignoring Restart
10219    Group %s not completely offline on node %s. Ignoring Restart
10220    Group %s not enabled on node %s; ignoring Restart
10221    VCS not running on node %s; ignoring Restart for group %s
10222    Node %s frozen; ignoring Restart for group %s
10223    Group %s frozen on %s; ignoring Restart
10224    Group %s has probes pending on node %s; ignoring Restart
10225    Agent has failed on node %s; ignoring Restart for group %s
10226    Group %s migrating to or from node %s; ignoring Restart
10227    One or more child group not okay with bringing group %s online on node %s;ignoring Restart
10228    One or more parent group not okay with bringing group %s online on node %s; ignoring Restart
10229    Persistent resource went online on node %s. Trying to online the resources of group %s that were online prior to the fault on node %s
10230    Persistent resource went online on node %s; Trying to online group %s on the node
10231    Clearing start attributes for resources of group %s on node %s
10232    Clearing Restart attribute for group %s on node %s
10233    Clearing Restart attribute for group %s on all nodes
10234    AutoRestart attribute is not set, so VCS will not bring group %s online if any fault on persistent resource clears
10235    Restart set for group %s. Group will be brought online if fault on persistent resource clears.\n If group brought online anywhere else from autostarlist or manually, then Restart will be reset
10236    No resource name specified
10237    Resource name is a reserved word or contains invalid character(s)
10238    Attempting to add existing resource
10239    Resource limit of %d reached; cannot add more
10240    Attempt to modify non-existent resource
10241    Invalid message for resource %x
10244    Populate SystemList before adding resource
10245    Resource added\nNameRule and Enabled attributes must be set before agent monitors
10246    SystemList of resource's group does not include %s
10247    Only agents can modify state values
10248    Only agents can modify flags values
10249    Child resource does not exist: %s
10250    Resources links may not span groups
10251    Link to self is prohibited
10252    Arc exists from %s to %s
10253    Resources of Operations 'None' and 'OnOnly' may not depend on other resources
10255    Could not link %s and %s
10257    Cannot unlink type-based dependencies
10258    Could not unlink %s and %s
10260    Resource does not exist %s
10261    Resource not configured to run on system %s
10262    System not part of resource's SystemList: %s
10263    Cannot clear resource of Operations type 'None'
10265    Cannot clear resource while group is going offline
10266    Resource not faulted on node %s
10267    Resource not faulted or group in process of failing over
10269    Agent for resource failed on system %s
10270    Resource is not enabled
10271    Resources of Operations type 'None' do not support onlining or offlining
10272    Resources of Operations type 'OnOnly' do not support offlining
10275    Manual operations (ManualOps) on resource's group is disabled
10276    Group %s for resource %s is frozen
10278    Service group (%s) of resource (%s) has failed or is switching,on/offlining prohibited
10280    Group %s for resource %s is not enabled on system %s
10281    Group %s for resource %s is autodisabled on system %s
10282    Group %s for resource %s is autodisabled in cluster
10283    Resource has not been probed on system %s
10284    Cannot bring a faulted resource on-line,Clear the faulted resource on system %s
10285    Cannot online; resource's group is frozen, waiting for dependency to be satisfied
10286    Cannot online; resource's group is not offline elsewhere
10287    Online resources depend on resource:'%s'; take them offline first
10291    Resource %s, configured under Group %s, does not include System %s
10292    Cannot online a resource on node %s, which is going down
10293    Faulted persistent resource %s is part of online dependency; Clear the faulted resource
10294    Faulted resource %s is part of online dependency;clear the faulted resource
10295    Initiating online of Resource %s (Group %s) on System %s
10297    Resource %s (Group %s) is online on %s (first probe)
10298    Resource %s (Group %s) is online on %s (initiated by VCS)
10299    Resource %s (Group %s) is online on %s (not initiated by VCS)
10300    Initiating offline of Resource %s (Group %s) on System %s
10302    RESOURCE %s (Group %s) is FAULTED (timed out) on sys %s (first probe)
10303    RESOURCE %s (Group %s) is FAULTED (timed out) on sys %s
10304    Resource %s (Group %s) is offline on %s (First probe)
10305    Resource %s (Group %s) is offline on %s (initiated by VCS)
10306    Resource %s (Group %s) is offline on %s (previous state=OFFLINE)
10307    Resource %s (Group %s) is offline on %s (not initiated by VCS)
10315    Snmp attribute modification error %s
10317    Snmp actions disabled
10318    Cannot send SNMP trap; IP Address (%s) must be valid
10319    No trap message to send for trap %s
10320    Invalid trap number %s
10322    Node %d changed state from %s to %s
10352    hasys:System already exists
10353    hasys:System %s not found in LLT configuration file
10354    System %s not found in LLT configuration file; LLTNodeId Value from %s will be used
10355    Please review names of systems listed in VCS configuration, ensuring that they are present \n\t\t and that node IDs are consistent in the LLT configuration files on \n\t\t all systems in the cluster
10357    hasys:System does not exist
10359    hasys:Node is currently in cluster.Can't delete it
10360    hasys:Cannot delete - system %s is part of SystemList of group %s
10363    Exiting; could not mark configuration stale
10364    haconf: Cluster already writable
10365    Unable to set Read/Write File to 0
10367    haconf: Dump already in progress
10369    haconf: Cluster not writable
10371    Unable to set Read/Write File to 1
10374    haconf:No dumps in progress
10389    hasys:Can't modify reserved attributes
10391    System '%s' listed in but absent in LLT config file
10393    System %s has node id %d in LLT configuration file on system %s, but node id %d is on system %s
10396    hasys:Invalid system name: %s
10397    process_system() has unknown message: %x
10398    Failed to invoke trigger (no node in RUNNING state): %s %s
10399    Failed to create process: %s %s
10400    Trigger sent on node %s: %s %s
10404    Type name is a reserved word or contains invalid character(s)
10405    Invalid minor code %x
10406    Invalid character in type name
10407    Type already exists
10408    Type limit of %d reached; cannot add more
10409    Type does not exist: %s
10410    Resources exist; Cannot delete 'Resource-Type'
10411    Cannot modify Operations attribute after resources of this type have been instantiated
10412    Could not start agent for type %s on system %s
10413    Attribute name is a reserved word or contains invalid character(s)
10415    Cannot add attributes to predefined types
10416    Attribute already exists %s (%s)
10417    Update error %s
10418    Unknown return value
10419    Cann't change defaults for Type: %s
10421    Non-static attribute does not exist %s (%s)
10422    Cannot modify non-static attribute:'Enabled'
10423    Incorrect value or dimension type for attribute: %s
10424    Incorrect value type specified: %s
10426    Incorrect keylist for %s
10428    Incorrect association for %s
10431    Incorrect dimension type '%d' specified
10436    Static attribute does not exist %s (%s)
10437    Cannot delete system-defined or predefined attributes
10438    Group %s has been probed on system %s
10439    Not initiating auto-start online of group on system %s after probe. Waiting for group %s to probe all nodes alive in SystemList
10440    Cannot online group %s on node %s. Restart is set. Group will be brought online if fault on persistent resource clears. If group is brought online anywhere else from autostarlist or manually, Restart will be reset
10441    Cannot bring group %s on line on node %s. AutoRestart attribute is not set, so will not try to bring group online if any fault on persistent resource clears
10442    Initiating auto-start online of group %s on system %s
10446    Group %s is offline on system %s
10447    Group %s is online on system %s
10448    Group %s is failed over to system %s
10449    Group %s autodisabled on node %s until it is probed
10451    Cleared autodisabled for Group %s on node %s
10455    Operation %s(0x%x) rejected. Sysstate=%s%s,Channel=%s,Flags=0x%x
10456    Configuration must be ReadWrite. ('%s(0x%x)',Sysstate=%s,Channel=%s,Flags=0x%x)
10457    Node: %d changed name from: %s to: %s
10458    Warning: PreOnline 0 for group %s; nopre option is ignored
10459    Warning: PreOnlining 0 for node %s; group %s (or one of its resources) may have gone online between a prior online and this nopre online
10460    Clearing start attribute for resource %s of group %s on node %s
10550    Exiting:Cannot open %s
10551    Cannot write to: %s errno: %d
10553    Cannot read from file: %s,err: %d
10554    '%s' does not exist: %s
10555    Incorrect recognition of list descriptor %s
10557    Missing value in attribute keylist
10559    Missing associated value
10561    Modify_nvelem;invalid vtype for %s
10562    Value is already global
10563    Key %s already in list
10564    No value associated with key %s
10565    Modify/add attribute is invalid for scalars
10566    Entry %s not found in attribute keylist
10567    Specified entry greater than list length
10568    Delete valid only for keylists and associations
10571    Key %s not found
10572    No entry at index %d; (did you start with 0?)
10573    Scope (global/local) is incorrect
10574    No entry for system %s
10575    Attribute %s not defined
10576    System-defined attributes may not be modified
10577    Could not find value of attribute %s
10579    Incorrect value for boolean/state/integer %s
10581    Incorrect value for boolean/state/integer in vector or keylist %s at location %d
10583    Incorrect boolean/state/integer value for associate array entry: %s
10584    Last key not associated with an element
10590    Cannot start %s %d
10591    Failed while waiting for process to complete %s %d
10601    Usage:
10602    Argument count limit(%d) exceeded
10603    Unknown option: %s
10604    Unsuccessful open of service
10605    Incorrect system specified
10606    Incorrect agent specified
10609    Conditional argument %s does not contain an '='
10610    Invalid number of arguments
10611    Invalid arguments
10616    Must be root to run this command
10617    Static attributes may not be temporary
10618    Invalid arguments for attribute addition
10619    'HAD' starting on: %s
10620    Waiting for local cluster configuration status
10621    Local cluster configuration error
10622    Local cluster configuration missing
10623    Local cluster configuration invalid
10624    Local cluster configuration stale
10625    Local cluster configuration valid
10626    Too many arguments
10627    Expected a system name
10628    Incorrect number of arguments
10629    Too few args or too many options
10632    Unexpected option
10633    Invalid arguments
10642    Error:
10643    Error in file :%s at line:%d
10653    Invalid group dependency location specified %s
10655    Invalid group dependency state specified %s
10662    Incorrect group or attribute %s,%s
10664    No values specified
10666    Deleting keys.Values can't be specified
10669    Incorrect flag specified
10670    Incorrect group specified
10677    Must specify destination
10691    Must specify system name
10693    Incorrect attribute specified
10694    Incorrect value specified
10696    Incorrect time value specified
10699    \n\tSCALAR:
10706    Incorrect resource or attribute %s,%s
10715    Incorrect syntax
10718    Incorrect resource specified
10740    Incorrect snmp command %s
10746    Incorrect snmp command
10753    Node name %s, Node ID: %d
10754    Node ID; %d does not exist in cluster configuration
10755    Unexpected value returned
10761    Node ID expected
10772    Too many options
10792    Must specify the type name
10799    Too few arguments
10805    Connection timed out
10806    Error while registering resource,group or system
10807    %s not system-specific; cannot compare
10808    %s system-specific; need a system name
10809    Value type not supported
10810    Must be an administrator to run this command
11001    Unknown major message value=0x%x
11005    hacf -status died; transistioning to STALE_ADMIN_WAIT
11008    Exiting; cannot lock %s
11009    Exiting; another copy of VCS may be running
11013    Cannot lock file: %s
11014    Cannot write string '%s' to file: %s
11020    Exiting:Cannot register with SCM(service ctl manager).err: %d
11021    Failed to notify service ctl manager (SCM),status: %d, err: %d
11022    VCS engine (had) started
11023    Cannot initialize socket
11024    System name retrieval failed
11025    Could not allocate update_err_msg; out of memory?
11026    Could not allocate update_vlistp; out of memory?
11030    had not ready to receive this command. Message was: 0x%x
11031    GABSIM open failed. Exiting
11032    registration failed. Exiting
11033    GAB open failed. Exiting
11034    registering for cluster membership
11035    Waiting for cluster membership
11036    GAB recv failed. Exiting
11038    Failed to open had service
11039    Failed to make MSG_CLUSTER_STOP_SYS
11041    Engine stopping; deleting vlist for %s
11042    Deleting vlist for %s
11043    halog:Unknown major/minor msg = %x
11044    halog:Invalid node %s
11053    halog:Error specifying cache_size
11055    Unknown process-registration message: %x
11062    Warning: group %s does not exist; resources added later will not be registered
11064    Warning: type %s does not exist. Resources added later will not be registered
11083    Tags A,B,C,D and E are global tags.\n\t Do not try to add or delete these
11084    %s is an invalid TAG. Use A,B,C,D or E instead
11086    Exiting: Cannot make directory: %s
11098    Another hashadow running.. VCS engine is exiting
11102    VCS exited gracefully
11103    VCS exited.It will restart
11104    VCS has faulted %d times since %ld; hashadow will not restart VCS. Correct problem and restart VCS
11106    Cannot get lock on file: %s, Errno: %d
11107    Restarting VCS with following arguments: %s %s
11108    Cannot start had. Error=0x%x
11113    Memory allocation failed
11124    Force overrides evacuate; choose force, evacuate, or neither
11131    Incorrect username
11135    Cannot get password; error 0x%x
11137    Cannot encrypt password; error 0x%x
11140    $BNAME is used to setup a disk for combined use by VERITAS Volume Manager and by VERITAS Cluster Server for disk\ncommunication.
11141    Failed to setup disk; exiting $1
11142    There are currently slices in use on disk $RDISK Destroy existing data and reinitialize disk?
11143    Device does not exist
11144    Device $DISK contains mounted file systems.
11145    Usage:   $BNAME [disk_tag]
        Example: $BNAME c1t0d0
        Must be run before disk is placed under VxVM control.
11146    WARNING: This utility will destorying all data on $DISK.Have all disk groups and file systems on disk $1 been either unmounted or deported?
11147    ${HB_SLICE_SIZE} blocks are available for VxCS disk communication and service group heartbeat regions on device $RAW \n\t This disk can now be configured into a Volume Manager disk group.\n\t Using vxdiskadm, allow it to be configured into the disk group as a replacement disk. Do not select reinitialization of the disk.\n\t  After running vxdiskadm, consult the output of prtvtoc to confi rm the exsistence of slice 7.  Reinitializing the disk under VxVM will delete slice 7. If this happens, deport the disk group and rerun $BNAME.

11155    ioctl error GAB_IOC_DISK
11156    %s: cannot malloc(%u) for msgbuf
11157    %s cannot ioctl(IOCTL_LLT_GETPARAM/LP_LOWNODE): %s
11158    %s cannot ioctl(IOCTL_LLT_GETPARAM/LP_HIGHNODE): %s
11159    %s cannot ioctl(IOCTL_LLT_GETPARAM/LP_MYNODE): %s
11160    %s cannot ioctl(IOCTL_LLT_GETPARAM/LP_MYCLUSTER): %s
11161    %s cannot ioctl(IOCTL_LLT_GETPARAM/LP_NUMLINK): %s
11162    cannot malloc(%u) for IOCTL_LLT_GETNODEINFO
11163    cannot ioctl(IOCTL_LLT_GETNODEINFO, %d): %s
11165    Error opening /dev/gab_0
11166    Error opening /dev/llt
11167    Error obatining LLT data - exiting
11172    Insufficient number of arguments
11174    %s: not found
11175    %s: internal error
11176    Failed to execute command; exitcode: %d
11177    Command exited on remote host with exitcode: %d
11178    Completed %d runs
11180    Cmd Busy: %d
11181    Cmd Rejected: %d
11182    Server Platform: %s
11183    Default: Unknown message %d
11186    Too many clients
11187    (%s): %d handle not found
11198    (%s): %d not found
11200    Invalid parameter %s
11202    Failed to open file '%s'
11203    Failed to write '%s'
11206    Invalid message header
11207    Failed to set state to %d [%s, h= %d]
11209    Unknown message %d from unknown sender %d
11210    (%s) remove client [%s, h= %d]
11211    In %s state [%s]
11212    Failed to create process %s; return: %d
11213    Slave started successfully
11214    Handle=(%d), (%s) Unknown message %d
11216    (%s) set state to %d [%s, handle= %d]
11220    (%s) set state to %d [msg %d, handle= %d]
11235     %s exiting: cannot register with SCM: %d\n
11237     %s is Up
11241    Insufficient number of arguments
11244    '-handle' option not specified
11245    Failed to connect to %s; return: %d
11246    %s is Up
11247    Invalid message header from %d
11249    Failed to create pipes %d %d %d
11250    Failed to redirect handles %d %d %d
11251    Failed to create child; Err: %d
11252    (%s) Unknown message %d from server
11253    Failed to write stdin to pipe; Err: %d
11258    Error while reading Stdout pipe: %d
11259    #bytes in command output: %d
11260    No data on Stdout
11261    Error while reading Stderr pipe; Err: %d
11263    No data on Stderr
11272    Command is running on remote host
11273    Function '%s' failed; Err: %d
11274    System shutting down on %s, HAD exiting..
12021    syntax error - %s '%s' in file %s:%d
12022    Failed to get working directory
12023    Unsuccessful open of ipm service
12026    Types file should have '.%s' extension
12027    Cannot mkdir %s
12028    Cannot chdir %s
12028    Exiting:Cannot chdir %s
12030    Can't open lock file.errno = %d
12031    Configuration locked
12032    Cannot create file: %s
12033    Cannot open file: %s
12035    Error deleting file: %s
12036    Source file should have '.%s' extension
12040    Failed to change to working directory
12043    Failed to dump the configuration from the live engine
12045    Aborting after syntax errors
12046    Configuration stale
12047    Cannot fork %s
12048    Destination file should have a '.%s' extension
12051    illegal group dependency clause
12054    Cannot open input file: %s
12055    Unexpected EOF '%s'
12056    parent resource '%s' does not exist %s
12057    child resource '%s' does not exist %s
12058    unknown type '%s' %s
12059    Expecting -keys
12060    Cannot find attribute '%s'
12061    Scalars attributes cannot have multiple values
12062    Cannot find resource '%s'
12065    Unknown subcommand '%s'
12066    Not enough arguments
12076    Cannot find group '%s'
12083    Cannot find system %s
12085    expecting haevent -add
12086    unknown event '%s'
12087    Unknown command '%s'
12088    unknown event subcommand '%s'
12089    unexpected message 0x%x type=%d from engine
12090    0x%x message unknown
12092    ipm send failure
12093    recvb failure
12095    Aborting hacf: errors encountered
12097    Duplicate definition for %s at %s:%d
12103    Cannot find attribute def for %s.%s
12104    expecting a list for %s
12105    Cannot open output '%s'
12109    ipm sendrecvb failure
12111    configuration may contain only one cluster clause
12112    configuration may contain only one snmp clause
12113    system %s defined more than once
12114    group %s defined more than once
12115    group %s cannot have more than one group dependency clause
12116    group %s has a local attribute without a SystemList
12117    system %s not on group %s\'s SystemList
12118    'Name' is a reserved word and may not be used to name objects or attributes
12119    name required for %s:%d
12120    Qualified name not found
12121    Value for attribute '%s' not found
12122    '%s' is a reserved word and may not be used to name objects or attributes
12123    Type '%s' defined more than once
12124    '-unlink' not implemented. In file: %s:%d
12125    Cannot find 'NameRule' for %s or 'name' for %s
12126    Cannot find type '%s' %s
12127    Cannot find group '%s' %s
12128    Resource %s is %s and must not have children
12129    resource '%s' in a cycle
12130    group %s does not exist
12131    group %s contains group dependency cycles
12132    Cannot find group '%s'
12133    group %s contains too deep group dependency
12134    SystemList for group %s contains non-existent system %s
12135    group %s has a AutoStartList without a SystemList
12136    system %s in group %s AutoStartList, but not in the SystemList
12137    Invalid Resource Type %s in group %s
12138    Cannot find type '%s'
12139    Resource Type %s occuring more than once in dependency attribute for group %s
12140    group %s has SystemZones without a SystemList
12141    System %s in group %s SystemZones, but not in the SystemList
12142    attribute %s for %s cannot be specified both local and global
12143    attribute %s for %s specified local on %s more than once
12144    A type cannot be named '%s'.  It is a reserved word %s
12145    SystemList does not have a list
12146    group %s has a local attribute %s without SystemList
12150    duplicate event item name %s %s
12151    duplicate event name %s %s
12155    Bad include line in file %s:%d

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