Compatibility issues with Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server (CPS).

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Compatibility issues with Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server (CPS).


Software that uses file system filter drivers, such as disk defragmenter utilities, certain open file agents, some virus protection and network management software, cannot be used with this product because of possible conflicts with the CPS file system filter drivers.

If an incompatible product is installed on a CPS server and both CPS and the incompatible product are started, the server may become unstable or crash. Enabling both products to start when the server starts may prevent the server from booting.


If an incompatible product is installed on the server to which CPS is being installed, disable or remove the incompatible product prior to CPS installation. If CPS is already installed on the server, do not start the other product while CPS is running.

CPS is incompatible with the following:
  • Veritas Replication Exec 3.1 (or earlier).
  • Computer Associates InoculateIT Virus protection software. CPS cannot back up files in continuous mode if the InoculateIT software's "Enable real-time file monitor" option is turned on. Disable this option in InoculateIT if a job is continuously replicating data from this server.
  • Network Associates (McAfee) ViruScan for Windows versions that use a filter driver (version 7.0). CPS is compatible with versions 4.5 and 7.1 (or newer).
  • Computer Associates (CA) ArcServe with Open File Agent (OFA) or St. Bernard Open File Manager (OFM).
  • When running on Windows Server 2003, the CPS 12 Protection Agent is incompatible with email scanning features of some versions of Symantec (Norton) Antivirus software. Before installing the Continuous Protection Agent of CPS 12, verify that Symantec Antivirus version 9.0.4 (or newer) is installed.
See the following TechNote:
  • Veritas Storage Migrator.
  • Problems may occur when running CPS on computers that use the Cisco Virtual Private Network (VPN) client due to inadequate Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) size.
To reconfigure the MTU, see the following TechNote:


The use of simultaneous replication applications on a server with active CPS jobs may cause undesired results including failure of one or both products to successfully synchronize/update each respective selected dataset. Refrain from using more than one active replication application on any server.

Examples of replication applications that may affect job synchronization include:

  • Microsoft's Distributed File System Replication (DFSR)
  • Double-Take software
  • Commvault Continuous Data Replicator
  • EMC RepliStor


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